Folding Elliptical Machine

The foldable elliptical is a compact elliptical that hasn’t really caught on yet since very few exist on the market. The thing is, foldable elliptical machines offer a compact design (you can simply fold it up and store it post-workout) but have specifications and features similar to a standard-sized model including a rear-drive mechanism (the preferred drive amongst elliptical users).

You are probably wondering how an elliptical can fold. This type of compact elliptical is made so that the front half of the machine, the portion that houses the control console and handles, folds back and sits just above the flywheel for convenient storage. Some even allow the machine to be stored vertically to save additional floor space. Folding is a quick and easy process with a good foldable elliptical.

Foldable elliptical trainers do an excellent job at delivering a low impact yet intense cardiovascular workout. As said, due to the folding capability, many more features are included which makes the user experience similar to what you would get from a standard model. Foldable machines not only have rear-drive mechanisms but most have an adjustable incline to increase workout intensity, varying resistance levels for consistent progression, adequate weight accommodations (a common problem for compact models), adjustable pedals and other nice additions ranging from a water bottle holder to an Mp3 sound system. Another plus is moving handles. Having the ability to work the upper and lower body simultaneously increases energy expenditure due to an increase in workout intensity. As a result, more calories are burned, endurance increases and more lean muscle mass is developed.

Any quality foldable elliptical machine will have a simple, safe and easy to use folding mechanism, sturdy construction made with quality materials and of course, basic electronic features like a progress tracker and heart rate monitor.

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