Hybrid Elliptical Machines

Center drive elliptical machines are the new kids on the block that are winning everyone over. Rather than the flywheel being located at the front or the rear of the machine, the drive mechanism is on either side of the user and some have dual drive mechanisms. Although true, some center drive models have drive axels present on the front and/or back. No matter where the drive mechanism is located, these elliptical trainers are centered.

You may be wondering what centered really means when talking about elliptical trainers. On all models the user is located at or close to the center but as said, front drive models often cause users to lean forward. Center drive elliptical machines are built so that the user’s weight is as centered as possible resulting in an improved experience. That improved user experience is accompanied by quiet and smooth operation that is really easy on the joints. As we know, elliptical trainers are all about low impact exercise meaning you can work out without it taking a toll on your joints and back. All types provide a low impact workout but since the user is well balanced on the machine, better form is encouraged and the impact on joints is reduced even further.

Along with providing users with a better workout, this type of elliptical offers a compact design making it perfect for in home gyms. Its design is great for limited spaces but unfortunately there is not a lot of information on center drive elliptical trainers concerning maintenance and durability. Because of this, it is even more important to look for machines made with quality materials and learn as much as possible about an elliptical before making a purchase.

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