Rear Drive Elliptical Machines

Rear-drive elliptical trainers have a rear-drive mechanism meaning the flywheel is located at the back of the machine. This type of elliptical is known for its smooth, natural motion and balance. This is not only due to the location of the flywheel but the pedal movement as well. The pedals on rear-drive models rotate in a more circular pattern. Users can enjoy natural strides similar to walking or jogging in addition to a more stable workout. With a rear-drive, users feel much more centered on the machine as well. Having the drive mechanism at the rear of the machine gives it a lot more balance. Many do not know this but balance is key when it comes to an elliptical workout. As you are striding away on the machine you want to put as much energy as possible into the actual workout rather than wasting it trying to keep your balance.

Rear drive ellipticals also deliver in features. Trainers with a rear drive are more spacious meaning more space for the features you want. One popular feature is an adjustable incline. An adjustable incline, whether automatic or manual, allows users to target different muscles in the lower body. A more level incline works the calves while a steeper incline targets the quads and glutes. Incline is also a great way to increase the intensity of a cardio session to boost calorie burn. As a plus, rear drive models tend to have a wider range of stride lengths and resistance levels since this type is more sturdy.

Rear-drive models also win in the maintenance department. They have fewer moving parts and fewer parts mean little to no upkeep. The thing is, less maintenance also comes with a more expensive price tag. Although more expensive, buyers get a machine that will continually challenge them, strong durable construction, nice specs and great features.

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