AFG 18.1 AXT Ascent Trainer

8.2Expert Score
AFG 18.1 AXT comes with 14 different programs along with three customizable ones that will give you the flexibility to try out different approaches while exercising. This model is highly durable and easy to access. It has the accessories for entertainment to keep you free of boredom while exercising.
Build Quality

At a Glance: AFG 18.1 AXT
Brand AFG
Capacity 325 lb.
Price Range Under $2000
Resistance 20 Levels
Flywheel 23-lb
Stride Lenght  19″ – 21″ variable strides
Dimension : 67.6 x 31.7 x 67.7 inches
Programs 14
Incline 20 levels (5% increments)
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless


  • Sixstar Certified
  • Least impact
  • Variable Stride
  • 14 Programs


  • If not assembled properly, it may wobble


Advanced Workout Tracking System

The proFILE™ performance tracking technology allows up to two individuals to monitor and analyze different workout statistics. The detailed statistical data will help you to reach your workout goals faster and effectively.

nike+ipodNike + iPod workout tracking

With this trainer, I managed to store all my workout data to my iPod at ease which later on can be monitored on I found this feature quite useful as it allows me to have access to detailed information about my progress and helped me to plan my workouts accordingly to get better results.

Less Noise

This is one of the most significant features of AFG 18.1 AXT. It makes very little noise. So if you are looking for a trainer that will work effectively yet quietly then this might serve the purpose just fine.

Build Quality

This trainer has a highly durable specialty ascent trainer frame. The heavy-duty 23 lb flywheel ensures fluid and comfortable motion to give a smooth and quiet session of workout. The machine can support up to 325 lbs. The incline range is 0-100% (with a 5% increment) and it has a 19”-21” stride length. It comes with a 32 mm pedal spacing which is quite sufficient. However, there is some serious lacking with the adjustability with this model which can be a problem.


The user manual included all the directions how to assemble the trainer. It took us about two hours to get it all ready. It is important for you to make sure that you have at least one extra pair of helping hands apart from your while assembling the machine. Otherwise it will take a lot longer and not going to be all that easy.chest-strap-polar

Heart Rate Monitor

This trainer comes with both contact grip and wireless receiver (with chest strap). The wireless receiver is from Polar (worlds leading heart rate monitor manufacturers). As expected, we did not get 100% accurate reading from the contact grip sensors. But Polar wireless sensors are spot on. When you wear your chest strip and reading is not very accurate, please wet the sensor of your chest strap, it will work like a charm.


The display features LED brickyard, two 4-digit LED windows and sixteen digit alphanumeric LED which we found to be quite impressive. The display shows duration, clock, speed, number of calories burned, heart rate, the program that you are running and distance covered. So overall, it is pretty much informative and we think shows all the necessary information that you have access to while working out with this elliptical. The control panel is also very close to the display and pretty much self explanatory for the users.




The 14 different programs included with this trainer works just fine. The Weight Loss, Muscle Toner and Reverse Train are my favorite choices. The other programs include Manual, Constant Watts, Intervals, Oregon Trail, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Mountain Climb, Cardio Boost, Custom 1, 2 & 3. Each program comes with its own features. We think this is one of those trainers that will offer you a whole lot of variations to focus on different muscle groups of your body.


The trainer includes lifetime warranty for the frame, three year parts warranty and one year labor warranty. So overall, we think the warranty with this package is quite decent.

Bottom Line

Whether you are in search of  a low–impact club equipment that unleashes maximum gym routine potential or  for a sleekly designed fitness machine that fits your budget. This trainer is an innovation of Advanced Fitness Group (AFG), one (1) of the seven (7) brands  popularized by Johnson Health Tech, will best  match all your needs for an excellent workout experience without going through the fuzz of  to the gym.

Become  one of the world’s  workout  buff and start  your home fitness  workout with this trainer, be fascinated by its detailed craftsmanship and the lasting quality that you have been looking for. Be in awe with its  top-notch parts, dynamic built, one-of-a-kind features and a warranty that only Johnson Health Tech can give.

Overall, we would give the AFG 18.1 AXT four out of five. It is a smooth and effective trainer that will allow you to closely monitor your progress at ease. It makes very little noise which is nice. Also, the detailed statistical data that it will display regarding your workout will really help you to see if you are right on track to attain your goals. Though paying $1600 plus seems to be a bit too high. But yet, considering the available options and durability, we would recommend to try this elliptical.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance level 1 – 20; Incline 20 levels (5% increments)
  • Rubberized footpad; Stride Length 19″ – 21″ Variable Stride
  • Console display features LED brickyard, 2 4-digit LED windows, 16 digit alphanumeric LED, Speakers, iPod®/iPhone® dock, Nike Plus®, in/out Jack
  • 14 Programs/proFILE? (Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Constant Watts, Muscle Toner, Reverse Train, Oregon Trail, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Cardio Boost, Mountain Climb, Custom 1, 2 & 3)
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 Years Parts, 2 Years incline motor, 1 year labor; User Capacity 325 lbs
Stride length 19 – 21 inches Variable Stride
Front drive Yes
Cushioned footpad Yes, Rubberized
Resistance type Magnetic
Resistance levels Resistance level 1 – 20; Incline 20 levels (5% increments)
Adjustable pedals Yes
Upper body Yes
Handgrip Yes (Contact Grips)
Heart rate control Contact Grips, Telemetric Receiver (Chest strap included)
Flywheel weight 23 lbs / 10.5 kg
Incline type Power Incline
Display 5 LED Feedback Windows, 1 Feedback Brickyard. 2 4-digit LED windows, 16 digit alphanumeric LED, Speakers, iPod®/iPhone® dock, Nike Plus®, in/out Jack
programs 14 Programs (Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Constant Watts, Muscle Toner, Reverse Train, Oregon Trail, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Cardio Boost, Mountain Climb, Custom 1, 2 & 3)
Cooling fans No
Water bottle/accessory holders yes. MP3/iPod dock w/ console controls and input jack. Water bottle Holder.
Capacity 325 lbs / 147 kg
Weight 114 kg / 251 lbs
Frame Lifetime frame
Parts and Electronics 3 Years Parts, 2 Years incline motor, 1 year labor
Shipping Information
Dimensions 67.6 x 31.7 x 67.7 inches
Weight 273 pounds
ASIN HEP0365-01
Item model number AFG 18.1

Photos: AFG 18.1 AXT Ascent Trainer

Expert Score 8.2
Build Quality
AFG 18.1 AXT Ascent Trainer
AFG 18.1 AXT Ascent Trainer

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