AFG 2.0 AE Dual Action Elliptical

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AFG 2.0 AE is an entry-level trainer that offers a fluid motion, long stride length, and a beautiful design, but unfortuntly it has been discontinued. AFG 3.1 AE is the best alternative of this discontinued trainer
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When you compare AFG 2.0 AE with other similar machines you will be surprised to get the exact benefits that it provides you. There are plentiful benefits of using these trainers, but perhaps the most significant aspect of using this Elliptical is the non occurrence of any impact. Without making jogging or walking or running, you will get the same experience without feeling worn and tear sensation on the joints of the limbs. This trainer is so gentle for the  joints that the fitness expert certifies this trainer for those people who have hard times to exercise because of physical unfitness like awful joints or arthritis etc. The various settings of the Elliptical like speed, resistance and ramp help the users to set the programs as they wish. If you are an ideal exerciser, and approaching to obesity and don’t like to jog out, buy it today for your complete fulfillment.

Get better with your fitness and, be happy, healthy and prosperous once you have got this Dual Action Elliptical. The simple to operate interface and silent function of the elliptical allows you to listen to the melody or watching  television at relaxed levels and parallelly  track the progress in your workout. The magnetic braking system resistance together with heavy flywheel,  you’ll be able to have an experience of  amusement to utilize the well-built elliptical machines available in the  market. The key features of the Trainer are:

  • 10 Programmable Workout Programs
  • 14.5 pound flywheel
  • The magnetic brake resistance
  • Three LED Screen
  • Long pace and spin around food pads
  • Convenient height of step-on for easy entrance and exit
  • Lifetime warranty on brake and frame.

Like many of their products of Johnson Health, this elliptical also feature LED displays that let the consumer know about the heart rate, progress and calories burned. Only with the help of  heart rate monitoring can the users  actually follow what sort of exercises they are receiving, so these features are there nearly in all of the products. And of course, nearly all of their designs include preprogramable pertinent workouts. This comprises hill burn, like manual location, Cardio burns, and  above all stamina challenging .

Investing  in this trainer will certainly bring to your healthier lifestyle. The trainer provides you the lot you want out on an elliptical used at-home. The reliable and hassles free performance of the Elliptical  with diverse options of programs offers the users an excellent satisfaction. The machine delivers quiet, consistent  and smooth beginning and ending because of the Flywheel of 14.5 pounds and the magnetic brake system.  Finally, the machine replicates your normal walking for its biggest stride length and foot pads that can be turned round for comfortable workouts. Every time you use the machine you will get the sensation of a healthier body and mind. What’s more, the 10 resistance settings programmable console can promptly regulate the intensity of your exercises. You can also modify your program of workout  and can see the feedback of your exercise with the help of sensitive button and triple LED screens. The Elliptical benefits the users by ensuring steady movements of the body to touch the target.

If you are in search of a really useful Elliptical this trainer will make you completely happy. There is always something that are not worthy of likings about a particular model. also there is something that is not preferred by the users. Like, the handles of the Elliptical are slightly wobbly. Though you will not be sure if  your particular machine is faulty or is it the ordinary problem. No amount of tightening of screw seem to resolve the hitch .
AFG 2.0 AE Dual Action Elliptical
AFG 2.0 AE Dual Action Elliptical

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