Yowza Fitness Captiva Cardio Core Elliptical

8.1Expert Score
Trust us, It does not feel like any other elliptical. Some user love it, some hate it; DO NOT BUY THIS ELLIPTICAL WITHOUT TRYING!
Build Quality

At a Glance: Yowza Captiva
Brand Yowza Fitness
Capacity 300  lb.
Price Range Under $2500
Dimension 66 x 33 x 66 inches
Stride length 18″-32″-inch
Programs 9
Display LCD
Incline 0-50% Electronically Adjustable
HR Monitor Contant & wireless

We always wanted to review this unit, but never got the chance till now. From manufacturer and other review sites we saw this elliptical provide very natural stride. Though the adjustable stride is stated 18” – 28”; it doesn’t go longer, rather it goes higher. There are several ways to adjust the stride of this trainer; so you can customize it as you wish.

This rear drive elliptical come with a full 50% grade rampless incline. Adjustable 18-18 inch stride is the core selling feature of this elliptical.

  • Adjustable stride 18″-28″ (on the fly)
  • 0-50% Incline (electronic)
  • 9 Pre-Set Programs
  • 9 user profile
  • Surefit Pivoting Foot Pedals
  • Heart Rate Control by Polar (both pulse grip and chect strip)
  • iPod™ Docking & Charging
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and braking

Build Quality

This machine is a tank! Build Quality is outstanding. All of the trainers made by Yowza are made very well. They are offering life time warranty on frame and Brake which shows their confidence on the Build Quality. Some user mentioned having clicking sound from their captive trainer, but we did not encounter any issue.

Overall this trainer is very smooth quite and feel strong when used. We have put incline and resistance on high, and tested it for 3 hours constantly in a heavy gym condition. This trainer took that abuse very well (usually other trainer makes sound in this situation)


Assembly is one of primary issue with this trainer. If you decide to get professional help, it will cost $100++ . We assure, if you follow the manual; you can put it together in 4 hours (or less).

This trainer comes in a very good packing, there is absulatly no chance of damaging any parts. Please note that, this trainer is heavy (275 lbs to be specific). Ask the shipper to put it where you want to assemble it. Some user says they put the trainer all by themselves; but it gets a lot easier if 2 people assemble it (lifting flywheel while screwing it is very difficult if you do it alone).

Heart Rate Monitor

This trainer comes with both grip pulse handle bars and wireless trimester (chest belt). We have tested it with other heart rate monitor, and found, the chest belt works perfectly. But the accuracy of grip pulse is questionable. May be because of finger slip, it show slightly different number than other heart rate monitor. We suggest using the chest strip for Target heart rate cardio training. But if you just want a quick target distance or time trail; grip pulse will work perfectly.

Display & Console

The console has Vivid Blue Backlit LCD display. It’s very easy to read (even in dark). Display shows: workout time, heart rate, calorie burned, distance travelled, fan speed, current speed, resistance level.

Console itself is very easy to operate. All the buttons are high quality. In the middle of the console there is an ipod/iphone holder. This is not big enough for any book or kindle. We always suggest not to read (or concentrate to other things) while you work out.


This trainer can save upto 9 user profiles. It will save weight, height, sex for each user and store their workout plan. It has in total 9 very interesting preset programs.

  1. Target Time: You set up the time for your workout (count up or down based on your specification)
  2. Target Distance: You set up the distance you want to reach (count up or down based on your specification)
  3. Target Calories: You set up the number of calorie you want to burn (count up or down based on your specification)
  4. Core Interval resistance program with eight unique intensity levels
  5. Manual programs: you can change the resistance and incline as you wish


With yowza fitness, one this is for sure; you will never have to worry about warranty. First of all, you machine comes with 30 days money back guarantee. But the main problem with this is, you will have to take apart your trainer and ship it back. But till now we haven’t seen any manufacturer offer this guarantee. They offer lifetime warranty on frame and braking system. Usually other popular brands offer lifetime on only frame. It comes with 5 years warranty on all parts & electronics and 2 years of in home labor.

We have called Yowza, and every time someone helpful talked with us. But we heard from dissatisfied users that Yowza Support stuff did not showed up in their house on previously appointed time. If any of you have encountered such issue, please comment below.


The main issue you will have after trying this trainer is that: the elliptical motion of its stride are not same as traditional elliptical’s. We request every to try this elliptical before buying one. Because there is a 50-50 chance that you might hate the stride movement.

Yowza Fitness Captiva Cardio Core Elliptical
Yowza Fitness Captiva Cardio Core Elliptical

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