Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer

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Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Cross Trainer offers gym at your home. The trainer is outfitted with seven on-board monitors that keep track on the pulse, time, distance, speed, used up calories, and makes it simple to follow the progress of the workout.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Crescendo Fitness Magnetic
Brand Crescendo Fitness
Price Group Under $250
Capacity  250 lbs
Fly Wheel Weight: 8 lbsbidirectional flywheel
Display 7-Function Displays. SHows, Scan, Pulse, Elapsed Time, Speed, Calories Burned, Distance Traveled and Total Miles.
Programs N/A
Resistance Adjustable Magnetic resistance
Dimension 52.75 x 60.6 x 22.4
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact


  • Easy to assamble
  • Cheap
  • Smooth magnetic resistance


  • very light flywheel
  • Cheap Material
  • Wobbles if not assambled properly
  • Footpad is not very big

Besides, the trainer is exceedingly adaptable with an eight pound  double directional flywheel that offers magnetic resistance. The push n pull handlebars helps to assist a complete body workout. Consequently, the trainer is perfect for weight losing and toning of the muscles and at the same time keeping you free from the worries of traditional workout system. The Elliptical features a complete exercise machine like a home gym.


  • The heavy duty trainer equipped  with 7 functions monitors on board
  • Display of elapsed time, speed pulse, calorie burnt, distance, to track the progress of the workout
  • 8 pound bio directional flywheel to provide free and fine resistance
  •  The double  push and pull the handlebars to support a complete body workout
  • The more weighty elliptical offers steady workout.
  • Fit for keeping at home as compared to bike and treadmill
  • The Flexi-handlebar offers maximum exertion of the muscle of the upper body
  • Tones muscles of shoulders, arms and backs
  • The front wheels of the trainer for the easy transportation or relocation
  • Engineered with smooth magnetic resistance it lessens stress and strain on knee and hip joints
  • Ideal for losing weight in minimum time
  • Perfect trainer for toning muscles and tissues
  • Works well for both upper and lower body parts
  •  8 kg bio directional flywheel for smooth action of resistance
  • Easily modifiable resistance for smooth operation
  • Seven functions monitor display on board shows pulse rate, amount of calorie burnt, speed, travelled distance etc.,
  • The suggested weight limit is 250lbs
  •  The front wheels for easy relocation
  • Outsized foot pedals for safe workout
  • Assembly needs an hour with the help of 2 men
  • It measures 52.75 x 60.6 x 22.4” (W x H x D)

Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Cross Trainer is surely worth approbation. It cannot be compared with other superior  Ellipticals for gym. It excels in its class. The Trainer is a grand, hardy elliptical, and a grand for your home gym. The magnetic designed construction  with a free surface resistance, it diminishes strain on hip and knee joints. It is perfect for maintaining weight, endurance building ,muscle and tissue toning . The bi-directional flywheel of  8 kg offers heavy duty  in resistance. The easily modifiable variable resistance with on-board monitor exhibits pulse, scan,  elapsed time, burnt calories, speed, traveled distance etc.  The double action modifiable push-pull handlebars offers maximum toning. It recommend  250 lbs weight  limit. The front wheels offer effortless transport to relocate the machine an any corner of your house.  It is sure that your dress sizes will be dropped, if you use this great machine.

The Elliptical is outstanding. Its very comfortable and smooth stride doesn’t at all jerky, but it wobbles a bit that turns you feel a bit distant from balance. If you get used to it, this problem of wobbleness will pose no problem. The elliptical suits  well on solid floor rather than floor carpeted. The footpads are not sufficient for taller users. With your bigger shoe sizes, you will not be able to fit your shoe inside the footpads of the machine. In addition, the assembling of the Elliptical is the real pain for the users. The numberless nut and bolts of the machine will lead you to confusions in respect of matching them for appropriate places. Overall, you will be happy enough with this machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Versatile elliptical trainer with smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 8-pound bidirectional flywheel; pair of adjustable push-pull handlebars
  • Ideal for losing weight, building endurance, and toning muscles
  • Minimizes strain on knees and joints; large, comfortable foot pedals
  • 250-pound capacity; measures 52.75 x 60.6 x 22.4 inches (W x H x D)
Front drive Yes
Cushioned footpad No
Resistance type Magnetic resistance
Adjustable pedals No
Upper body Yes
Handgrip Yes
Heart rate control No
Flywheel weight 8-pound bidirectional flywheel; pair of adjustable push-pull handlebars
Incline type NA
Display Complete 7-Function On-Board Monitor Displays: Scan, Pulse, Elapsed Time, Speed, Calories Burned, Distance Traveled and Total Miles.
Cooling fans No
Water bottle/accessory holders No
Capacity 250 lbs
Weight 87 pounds
Shipping Information
Dimensions 52.75 x 60.6 x 22.4
Weight 87 pounds

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Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer
Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Elliptical Trainer

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