Endurance E400 Elliptical Trainer

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With its impressive and innovative design, Body Solid’s Endurance E400 is worth the investment. It showcases improvement from the E300, and blended several new features that enhances its functionality in terms of fitness and even good cardio health. This new design of fitness equipment is something new, and its latest improvement makes it worth every penny.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Endurance E400
Brand Endurance
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $2000
Resistance 20 Levels
Stride Lenght Adjustable 17″ – 23″ Stride
Dimension 50″L x 31″W x 66″H
Programs 12
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless

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  • Very Durable
  • Variable Stride
  • High quality wireless HR Monitor
  • Premium Handgrips


  • No incline
  • Assembly is not very easy.
  • Hard to move around the house
  • Pricey for most home gym

At a Glance

  • Center Drive
  • Dimension: Width: 31″ x Length: 50″ x Height: 66″
  • Rare blend of space efficiency and stability
  • Low center of gravity combined with a balanced frame prevents rocking
  • Dual-action upper and lower body with premium hand grips
  • Easy step-up height
  • Close pedal spacing combined with oversized pedals
  • handles for easy transport
  • Adjustable stride: 17″ to 23″
  • Contact heart rate + Wireless HRC with chest strap
  • Programmable, with 5 HRC programs, 7 programs, and 2 custome user programs
  • User Capacity: 300lbs
  • In Home Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 5 years on parts, 1 year labor, 6 months on Wear items (seat, brake pad, etc.)

Ideally adjustable stride

This feature is highly essential because it makes the E400 useful for many people, regardless of their built, height and weight. This allows the equipment to easily adjust its stride from 17” to 23”, which lets everyone make use of it, from petite boys and girls and to men and women.

Lower pedal height

This feature helps in the comfort of whoever uses the E400. It is designed to specifically prevent having strain on the knees which would make working out a better experience.

Upper body exercise

This added feature allows the user to crosstrain while making use of the installed fitness programs, making the E400 multi-purpose. It has perfectly ergonomic handles which could be used in sit ups, cardio exercises and abs-firming workouts.

Space-saving (31″ x 50″ x 66″)

It was designed with the concept of today’s modern lifestyle where people prefer furniture and other home equipment that save space, since urban dwellers now mostly live in small-scale houses. However, Body Solid made sure they do not sacrifice durability and overall quality for technical and space-saving design.


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Build Quality

The E400 boasts of its high-grade frame that is heavily welded and makes it strong enough to even be used by people who weigh as much as 300 pounds. That being said, this elliptical could very well be considered as heavy-duty and highly durable.


Since space-saving is one key feature of the E400, Body Solid sure made extra efforts into making it easy to store and equally easy to assemble. In the product manual, there are easy to follow 10 steps to assemble this unit. Using 2 person one can easily assemble an e400 in less than 2 hours.

Note: DO not dispose any material from the package until assembly is complete. Never skip any step from the manual, follow it as it is. If you get into any problem while assembling your unit, call 1-800-556-3113 (Endurance tech support Hot line)

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Heart Rate Monitor

As all other in its price group, E400 comes with both contact and wireless heart rate monitor. Its installed programs features five different heart rate programs you could choose from and customize your fitness workout to what works best for you. It also features a large display where you can see how your heartbeat changes as the program progresses, and eel how your body copes and adjusts to it. For the best cardio exercise, always wear chest strap (contact sensors are not always accurate, even though this contact sensor is premium quality, your thumb will move while you put in on the sensor while working out, this makes the reading inaccurate.)




It has a large display where you can see how fast you’re going, your heart rate, calories per hour and your average speed when you are done with the program.  This proves to be a good feature because everything seen on display could serve as motivational feedback for the one using it.



Improved and added programs

Since the Endurance E400 is not merely a gym equipment, Body Solid added programs which would also make this gear helpful in maintaining good heart health. These programs also add fun and enjoyment factor to workouts that would encourage the owner to work out more. Such programs include seven standard fitness workout programs, five heart rate programs and an added bonus space where you could place a program you think will benefit you most. Its feature of user-accustomed program is what sets it apart from other ellipticals, and is also what makes the E400 better than the E300.

A Bit Overpriced:
It also seems a bit pricey for all the features mentioned above. Although it met technical, engineering and innovative design standards, there are more developed elliptical that are sold the same price yet advertises a few more extra features for added versatility. Some elliptical equipment could even have speakers, and even an incline to make working out easier and more comfortable.

Reliable warranty

This product comes with a strong warranty. The warranty that comes with the product covers almost every potential problem you might encounter: It has a lifetime warranty regarding its frame, a year of home service labor and five year warranty on its parts.

E400 apparently offers consumers a lot of good points and uses, as it features 20 magnetic resistance levels which help in having more intense workouts which of course deliver fast and likewise intense results.

However, it should also be noted that somehow, it still left some room for a little improvement which will definitely increase its marketability and added functionality.

Overall, Solid Body’s Endurance E400 serves its purpose well, with all its impressive features that contribute to its aesthetic components and some useful add-ons which make for a better version of the E300. Its best feature being not just tailor-made for having muscles and toning bodies, but also for having an improved and definitely better heart health.

There might still be a few improvements that could be done in order to have better value for money when purchasing this product, but if we look closely, it could easily be concluded that the pros still manage to outweigh the cons. Its main disadvantage is the lightweight flywheel, but this problem could easily be attended to by means of taking advantage of the strong warranty the purchase comes with.


Advance Heart Rate controls, Adjustable stride, Center Drive Design, Close pedal spacing for ergonomics, Long Stride, Compact foot print, Transport Handles
Stride length Adjustable 17″ – 23″ Stride, at 2″ increments
Front drive Center Drive Sytem
Cushioned footpad No
Resistance type Magnetic Resistance
Resistance levels 20 Levels
Adjustable pedals No
Upper body Yes
Handgrip Yes
Heart rate control Wireless HRC with Chest Strap
Flywheel weight
Incline type
Display Blue LED
programs 12 Programs; 2 User Programs
Cooling fans No
Water bottle/accessory holders Yes
Capacity 300 lbs.
Weight 250 lbs.
Frame Lifetime
Parts and Electronics 5 yrs parts, 1 yr labor
Shipping Information
Dimensions 50″L x 31″W x 66″H
Weight 250 lbs.

Photos: Endurance E400 Elliptical Trainer

Endurance E400 Elliptical Trainer
Endurance E400 Elliptical Trainer

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