Horizon Fitness AT1501 Ascent Trainer

The  innovative and original AT1501 is able to satisfy all your needs relating to body fitness irrespective of specific pace length or consistent movement. It provides persistent flowing  movement  for the heavy duty flywheel and the system of magnetic brake. Consequently, your workout will turn out to be one of comfortable,  and you never feel the low impact of workout like aching of joint. This turns the product as a “must necessary” for the people suffering from awful knees or have recovered from illness. The trainers enjoy the workout challenge each day with this spec with the wonderful features like multiple mechanical resistance levels.  The  zero-degree incline feature of the trainer reproduces a sensation of a jogging or a walking.  You can bend into the shape of a crank to have a  hiking feel. And by increasing the stride length, you can  employ your hamstrings and glutes and core groups of muscles.

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The Ascent Trainer  is also laden with several other attractive aspects. The incorporated iPod dock allows  you to  navigate your iPod or other MP3 player in a straight way from the monitor, along with the speakers of super quality to play the music loudly. The trainer also lets the user the facility  of recording heart rate on the handlebars. The low down height of pedal confirms  effortless access and leaving.

The resistance level of  Horizon AT1501 offers no clumsiness but calm and smooth trainer. A year after some of the users complain  an irritating and steady clunking noises on the one side. This is perhaps due to  lack of regular preservation and maintenance of the machine like  lubricating the parts, tightening of  bolts etc. It does not offer a stats outline of the workout at the end, there is no crossing point going into the readout of the amount of  calorie burnt. The console  offers less reading fun as it doesn’t have a shelf to hold materials for reading.


  • Variable stride range from 18” to 20”
  • The Flywheel of 18lb
  • 18 levels featured resistance level
  • Magnet-made Brake Resistance
  • Revolving foot plates
  • The upper handle bars with double action.
  • The speaker + incorporated MP3/iPod docking.

Those who have bought this trainer almost always love them, comparing their steadiness, long stride and natural-feeling motion to those of customized gym machines that costs more.

  • The changeable stride and slip-free foot pads offers you normal and positive movement.
  • Responsive slant and the multiple  mechanical resistance height generate a more challenging and dynamic workout.
  • Double handlebars gives  an overall body exercise that builds up central groups of muscles.
  • The low pedal height and Rear access offer easy access and exit.
  • The Magnetic brake resistance of the trainer is quite, smooth, and consistent.
  • The Ascent Trainer gives the users very smooth ride without a broken up feeling.


  • This machine doesn’t keep track of your workout progress over the days even you completed the workout. It only shows  “End”  on  the monitor and after a few seconds the monitor will go back to blank and prepare for the subsequent workout.
  • After the workout pause the monitor  will not allow you to switch the next workout, your only choice is to hit the Start button again.
  • Once End shows up your workout data is deleted completely.

8.2Expert Score
Horizon Fitness AT1501 Ascent Trainer is a perfect substitute for costlier center-drive elliptical trainers. It paces usual for maintaining the norms of ergonomics. But the one-year service contract on parts and labor causes some apprehension about its permanence. Do be alert that the overall costs of this spec range from lower to higher. It is easy to bring together for assembling within two hours approximately, it’s strong and well-built, and has a striking incline that gives the gives the feel of climbing motion.
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Horizon Fitness AT1501 Ascent Trainer
Horizon Fitness AT1501 Ascent Trainer

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