Kettler EXT7 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine

The EXT7 allows you to select the stride length of your choice. The backlit display on the machine helps you to read different stats like, RPM, watts, distance, calories, resistance level etc. With the help of handle grip also you can keep on monitoring your heart rate. Your targeted different muscle groups soon win for the backward and forward pedaling system. Your foot remains stress free as you work out for the foot plate it offers. Because of attractive features the popularity of the machine seems to be growing day by day.

  • The machine provides a moderate cardiovascular exercise.
  • Easy-to-operate LCD system displays accurate time, the amount of calorie burnt, pulse rate etc.
  • The water bottle in the bottle holder keeps you hydrate during your workout.
  • The electromagnetic brake is very effective for any kind of floor.
  • The telemetric strap for chest provides you well-situated portability.
  • The joints of the ball bearing guarantees longer use of the machine.
  • It by far accommodate burdens of 330 pounds.
  • It is perfectly designed for people who want to be fit.

With the shopping spree getting closer, you must have thought about having something important to help you to do away with the protruding belly you developed during the summer holiday. this was one of the most popular gear to improve your fitness or lose weight if your budget was high.

This species of the Elliptical Trainer offers low-impact Cardio training. This training machine allows for a smooth motion analogous to stepping,walking, skiing, and this sort of workout is suggested for all age groups as well as for physical fitness levels. This superior class machine adapts itself to the needs of all the exercises and also good for all of your family. Made with very high quality of materials, the machine is very strong and durable. It doesn’t shake during the use. Rather the different workout programs keep the users busy with the fun and interesting features of the trainer. The machine is great if you have any joint injury or pain, as it poses no trouble and more acceptable than running or treadmills. The changeable resistance level of the trainer gives you uninterrupted workout. The position of the pedal is so close that it requires no extra tension on your hips.

  • Some users consider the changeable stride of the trainer uncomfortable to use, but according to others it just takes some time to perform before it turns natural.
  • The small footprint is somewhat problematic though it’s great if you have limited space.
  • Though the elapsed readout time displays the used up time, it may occasionally fail to calculate accurately the time that is left out for the workout.

If you are eager to get in shape or want to uphold your health, owing a home workout machines like this one is the best to stay tuned with your fitness. It will help you to remain motivated because of the convenience of operating the machine.

The service contract of this elliptical trainer is better than that of most of its competitors. The users find no difficulty to interact with the system of the trainer as direction for using is not detailed but basic, so, very easy to read and understand.

Unfortunatly this trainer is no longer available in any retail or online shops. You can still get one from ebay if you want. But we would suggest you check our list of elliptical over $2500 and get a newer version; which will ensure better value for your money

Expert Score 8.5
Build Quality
Kettler EXT7 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine
Kettler EXT7 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine

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