Livestrong LS8.0E Elliptical

Livestrong LS8.0E Elliptical

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Livestrong® LS8.0E Elliptical diversifies your workout producing a smooth performance with a hefty flywheel. The design of the machines assures years of use. The 20” stride length provides a wider variety of motions. The users of any height feel natural walking and running motions with the flat oval shaped stride length of this Elliptical.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Livestrong LS8.0E
Brand Livestrong Fitenss
Capacity 300 lbs
Price Group Under $1000
Fly Wheel Weight 23 lb
Stride length 20 inch
Display 2 LED feedback windows
Programs 9
Resistance 16
Dimension 76″x 24″x 67″
Incline 5 levels of adjustable manual incline
HR Monitor Contact

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Following the far-reaching bio-mechanics studies, the frame of the Elliptical is created to focus on all the areas of the body, including positioning of the body, spacing of handle bars, placement of the pedal, the drive mechanism. The  muscles of the exercisers get toned by keeping up the metabolic rate of heart. Long after the workout is over, the toned body helps to burn calories to keep you fit and fine. The exercisers get full-body calisthenics that involves the muscles of the chest, quadriceps, back, glutes, hamstrings, biceps and  triceps.

The Features

The 6 star certified frame of the Elliptical is the best combination of the movement and the positioning of the body. The remarkable features of the Ellipticals are:

  • The frame is designed to offer perfect positioning of the body.
  • The movement of the body delivers the most normal sensation.
  • The machine wide range of your exercises from 5 levels of manual incline.
  • It swings the toning outcome from thighs to gluts by means of an effortless adjustment.
  • The opportunity to move with the 20″ stride length  provides a wider variety of motions.
  • It replicates activities that demands higher speed, like running.
  • Hefty Flywheel of 23 lb produces a smooth, flowing motion that withstands long use
  • 20″ stride length gives high confidence.
  • 23 lb large flywheels offer enough space for the exercisers
  • 0″ spacing of pedal offers comfortable workout.
  • 1-16 resistance levels provide a wide range of  flexible workouts
  • The Manual slope offers easy incline
  • The cool fit fan keeps you fresh and brisk during the exercises
  • iPod/MP3 speakers keep on giving you entertainment.
  • 9 programs of the Elliptical bring diversification.
  • User weight competence of the machine is 300 lbs
  • Floor space dimensions: Length:76”, Width:24″. Width: 67″ Height
  • Excellent Warranty: Brake:Lifetime, 1year: Parts & labor

The above features of the Elliptical show that it is one of the best in the Livestrong LS series with 20” stride. When it is combined with five incline-positions, the exercisers can tone different groups of muscles using a strong variety of motions. The six-star certified frames indicates that the machine is constructed following the science of ergonomics. The no-spacing pedals promotes healthy movement of the hip. The capacity to bear 300 pounds has made the machine sturdy and hefty.

The design of the Livestrong® LS8.0E Elliptical is ergonomics. The users feel no pain whenever they use it. The levels of the machine  almost fit  for everyone. Even the beginners feel comfortable with the elliptical for its safety construction and inclusion of all the essentials for exercises.The  20” stride length offers an extensive range of motion. The flat ellipse shape reconstruction, the adjustable   normal running and walking motion for the exercisers of all statures. The  5 levels of adjustable manual incline  offer maximum toning of your targeted muscles. The  smoothness of the flywheel  of the elliptical gives an even movement. The users always enjoy the workouts in calm and cool status for the comfort fan that it offers with it.
Livestrong® LS8.0E Elliptical is an incredible elliptical to workout with. But the worst is that it takes more time in  assembling. In regard to price also it is expensive. Manual adjust of the incline  and the calorie calculator also not so effective.  The stride length of the elliptical is not so wide enough to meet the demand of the taller exercisers. Taking everything together, the product is worth  investing for fitness.
Livestrong LS8.0E Elliptical
Livestrong LS8.0E Elliptical

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