ProForm 710 E Elliptical

This elliptical is a revolutionized weight-loss device that can accommodate an amazing 300-pound person.  It has oversized pedals to fit big feet and its ramp is adjustable up to 20⁰ from the floor.  The stride length can be adjusted from 18 to 20 inches to fit the user’s capability.  It has 5-inches backlit display type to monitor the heart rate of the user.  On top of that, there is a voice of Jillian Michaels – America’s Toughest Trainer – that tells the user about the progress of the weight-loss program.

As what have mentioned, the most significant feature of this product is the adjustable stride and incline ramp.  This means that strides can be adjusted based on the user’s height.  The incline can also be adjusted up to 20⁰ maximum to give emphasis on particular muscle groups in the legs.  There are five (5) preset positions for distinct results of these muscle groups.

There is a 5-inch clear and easy to read monitor display that reports the user speed, time elapsed, distance covered, pulse rate, resistance and calories burned.  This feature is unique and very informative.  There is a twenty (20) digital resistance levels that can be adjusted quickly to personalize the workout.  It is equipped with Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) for smooth and comfortable workout.

For the upper body, there is a feature for soft grips, allowing to burn calories and tone muscles.  This feature makes it a total body workout because it targets all muscle groups and produces more cardio benefits.

There are twenty (20) built-in workout apps.  These apps are designed by Expert Trainers that automatically adjust the resistance for effective results.  There is a dual-grip electro-cardiogram monitor (EKG) for the heart condition of the user.  There are built-in handlebar sensors to ensure that right program is being monitored.

With regards to the mechanical flywheel that makes the device rotate, it is inertia-enhanced because of a faster gear ratio and effective weight placement.  This setup gives a more natural stride even when inclined.  There is also oversized pedals that for different foot positions and to accommodate big-sized shoes.

The whole chassis is constructed using solid steel and commercial-gauge bars that have undergone testing for heavy-duty functions.  It has also built-in wheels for fast and easy mobilization and venue transfer.  There is also a built-in workout fan that makes the user cool while doing the workout.  The fan has two (2) speed settings.

There is also an Intermix Acoustics Sound System to enjoy the favorite media of the user.  This can play music of different frequencies but carefully equalized sounds.  Aside from this is a compatible music port for iPod if the user wants pre-recorded music.  There is also a holder for water bottles and the whole device can actually carry even a 300-lb user.  There is also a Lifetime Frame Warranty and one year warranty for parts and labor.

The device is very useful to the user.  First, it is very handy and can be moved from one place to another.  Next, it is very easy to use.  The adjustments are there to provide the necessary guide.  These guides can refer to the length of the stride, the height of the incline, the heart rate of the user and the time to start.  The audio and instruction may be optional but it can still be included during the start of the workout.  Then, as the workout progresses the time elapsed, the distance covered, the heart rate and the progress of the workout can be monitored.  These makes the 710 E a great companion to healthy living.

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ProForm 710 E Elliptical
ProForm 710 E Elliptical

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