Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer

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The schwinn competes with the Horizon EX 69-2 on price range. Here the main difference is: Schwinn offers 25 lb fly wheel, where Horizon offers just 14 lbs fly wheel. On the other hand Horizon EX-69-2 has manual incline, where this don't have any incline. If you are new in cardio training, go with the Horizon (lighter flywheel will be better for starter, later you can just lift up the incline). But if you are doing cardio for a year, go with this 431. Because a 14 lb fly wheel of EX-69-2 be too easy for you!
Build Quality

At a Glance: Schwinn 431
Brand Schwinn
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $1000
Flywheel 25 lbs
Stride Length 18″
Resistance 16
Dimension 62 x 27 x 64 inches
Programs 19
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact


  • 25-lb flywheel
  • Solid performance
  • Strong Build Quality
  • 300 lbs user capacity


  • sometimes a squeak occurs in the handlebars – chassis joint (mainly assembly issue)
  • No Incline
  • No lifetime warranty on frame (though 15 years Is a long time for a $799 elliptical)

If you are looking for a elliptical trainer for your home under $1000, Schwinn 431 should be on top of your list. It comes with all the bells and whistles of top of the class elliptical trainer. Top features of Schwinn are:

  • This elliptical is compact (59″L x 26″W x 68″H), and can easily fit into your home.
  • Some of the users prefer to stride backward in elliptical trainer, as they fell pain in their knee joints. This 431 comes with Bi-directional pedalling. This allows you to pedal forward or backward to target specific muscle groups.
  • This elliptical trainer comes with 25 lb. fly wheel. Only a few elliptical of this price range has such heavy flywheel.
  • Schwinn® BioDyne™ Performance system provide high inertia for smooth strides.
  • 19 workout programs provide variety to your fitness activities
  • Schwinn® BioGlide™ Elliptical path offers biomechanically designed linkages to provide a comfortable movement of the foot throughout the elliptical motion
  • Innovative Schwinn® BioFit™ console design includes an integrated MP3/portable media compartment, on-console towel hook, fan and oversized cushioned footplates.


The display provides a large main window that indicates the PROGRAM selection and resistance level selection. The smaller windows across the bottom show interval time , RPM and WATTS, Distance, and Heart (PULSE) Rate. The next larger window on the right side of the display shows SPEED and CALORIES, ENGLISH or METRIC operating mode, and the CYCLIST ICON with spinning wheels relative to your SPEED.

The icon also indicates that the program is running.
large main area of the display shows the program profile you are using. Within this profile are “bricks”, or rectangles, that are stacked vertically and indicate the relative resistance level and course profile. The computer is capable of offering 16 different levels of resistance. One “brick” represents the lowest level and eight “bricks” represent the highest level


Manual Program: User can manually adjust the resistance and make the training suitable for his/her stamina.

10 Profile Programs: there are 10 pre-defined programs, which are: Ride in the Park, Rolling Hills, Plateau, Speed Intervals, Strength Intervals, Pyramid Intervals, Ramp Interval 1, Ramp Interval 2, Pikes Peak, Cross-Training.

3 Heart Rate Control (H.R.C) Program: These programs enable you to choose to workout in 3 different heart rate zones; 60% to 70% of max. Heart rate, 70% to 80% of max. heart rate, and 80% to 90% of max. heart rate. The zones are calculated based upon your age and the percentage of maximum heart rate you select to exercise in.

Build Quality

Schwinn is a very well known bike brand. Schwinn’s elliptical are made by is division of Nautilus. The Build Quality is extremely good! Its very sturdy and feels comfortable when you get on the trainer.

Some of the users reported a squeaky noise coming from the joint of handle bar and chassis. We have looked into it, and found its because to tightening the handle bars bolt too tightly. If you use oil every 6 months, there should never be any problem with this trainer.


This Elliptical is very easy to assemble by yourself. Usually it takes 1- 3 hours to assemble, if you follow the instruction manual properly. They ship everything in  a solid package, there is no chance of damage.


This trainer do not come this a life time warranty on its frame. Rather it has a 15 years warranty. A lot of people think, why limit the year of warranty? After reviewing this trainer, we made sure that, this 15 year warranty is more than enough for a $799 elliptical trainer. It does come with a 2 years warranty with parts, 1 year with electronic and 3 months labour. Schiwinn is a well-known brand, so no need to worry about warranty with this trainer

This is one of the Best elliptical trainers that we have recently reviewed. Build Quality is excellent compared with the price. You can not go wrong with This!

Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer
Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer

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