Stamina Dual Action Elliptical

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in Amazon you might see a lot of bad review of this products, but for the price point, it is not that bad. We would suggest to have a look on Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer or similar products before you purchase this Dual trainer.
Build Quality

This is one of the cheapest elliptical machines that you can buy online. Only thing we could say about this trainer is “you get what you paid for”. Our dial resistance brock within few weeks (no matter how much we dial; resistance don’t change). It’s not magnetic (chain system); so prepare to hear a lot of noise. NO you cannot watch TV while working out on this without turning up the TV volume to an unpleasant level.

  • Replicates the regular elliptical activity of foot, expansion of the leg, and the turning round of the hip throughout running or walking.
  • Useful in using up calories like  jogging with low impact on back, hips and knees, and ankles
  • Double action, cushioned push n pull handlebars
  • Changeable  tension dial for resistance to regulate the intensity of exercises.
  • Strap resistance for smooth elliptical motion
  • The area occupy by the machine is almost fits in for everywhere.
  • Electronic  monitor  tracks speed, time, calories, distance, and can be operated and controlled by one-button.
  • Perfect for bringing down weight, building stamina, and toning muscles
  • Shiny, compact, well-built design
  • Non slip pedals
  • Measurement: Length 40.5” x  width 19.5” x  height 59”
  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity to hold weight: 250 pounds

Display of this trainer is very basic, and we didn’t find it accurate. It is not programmable (obviously) and there is no heart rate monitor with this one. Only thing the display shows are: distance, speed, and exercise time and calories burn. Only thing that this display shows accurately is the time! We have attached out own testing equipment with it, and found speed and calories burn are way off actual number. But then again, your personal workout intensity and workout time is the main thing.

If you are looking for this trainer, means you might be interested in budget elliptical. It’s very difficult to get a full body workout machine to match the price of this elliptical. But we would suggest you add 100 bucks more and buy a magnetic elliptical trainer. As soon as you step on a magnetic trainer you will tell the difference.

We are do not recommend any of you to get this elliptical. If you must buy an elliptical under $200, you can have a look at Exerpeutic 1000XI or Sunny Health. These are also cheap and low quality elliptical, but atleast 10 times better than this dual action trainer (sorry Stamina, we loved your In-Motion trainer).

Assembly of the machine is very easy than you expect it to be. You will have no trouble putting it together. It is also light enough to take to any corner of the house by yourself. As it does occupy as little a space as reclining chair, it is simple to fit the machine even in a crowded house.

Like any other  workout machine, proper form is essential to receive the much benefit of the workout without  injuring your joint. Position of its foot-pad is such that if your heel is too far inward or outward, it can cause twisting or turning force on the knee. Heel lifts during stride may force the muscle of the thigh to work more. This leads to additional force on the knee  may affect your fitness target.  Before using this machine consult with a specialist or search online to pick the right product.

Who Should Get this Elliptical

  • If you do not care about any additional features
  • If you just started with elliptical and do not use resistance for higher intensity training
  • All you demand is a full body workout in an elliptical motion
  • You don’t care about any noise
  • You are under tight budget
  • You don’t care about magnetic trainers as long as a machine is giving you full body workout

How to get the most out of this trainer

Buy a heart rate monitor. Now a days, even the cheapest heart rate monitor gives very accurate data. Use that and stay on your heart rate zone, by working out on you own intensity. You can even do interval training all by yourself if you track the time on display

Stamina Dual Action Elliptical
Stamina Dual Action Elliptical

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