Where to Find Motivation: Intro to Fitness Motivation

To find fitness motivation, you must tap into your brain. You have to know how your brain works to find motivational sources that work. Individuals differ and what may motivate one may not motivate another since we are all driven by different things. Check out the suggestions on where to find motivation and see what clicks.


Online is an excellent place to find fitness motivation. There are people just like you sharing their fitness journeys, progress and successes all over social media. Seeing similar individuals with similar goals achieve them and viewing their transformations is motivating and shows that you can do it too. You can also find motivational quotes and mantras online as well to provide the encouragement needed to follow through with your fitness plan every day.

Anger and Frustration

It may sound a little strange but using anger and frustration as fitness motivation is quite healthy and it works. Whether you had an argument with someone, traffic was terrible, work was a nightmare or you just had a bad day, hit the gym. Directing negative energy into something positive will motivate you to exercise more often because the body will crave that healthy release.


Exercise classes like cycling, yoga, and Pilates are not only motivating if you have an amazing instructor but they actually give you incentive to never skip a class. The source of this incentive is the entire set up of a class. Not only do you not want to miss anything (who wants to be left behind?) but a social aspect is thrown in the motivational mix. Chances are, you will make a few acquaintances after class and if you don’t show up, they are likely to ask why. Having somewhere to go and people to see will motivate you to show up which will benefit your progress. The addictive energy of a group will also keep you going.


Downloading the right fitness application can make workouts almost too fun to skip. Engagement is motivating because it keeps the brain interested and when that happens, the body keeps moving! Runners must try Zombies, Run! The overall idea is that you have to run to escape the zombie apocalypse. You get a little story, some narration, and a workout all in one. The best part is definitely the missions. The missions in the application give every run an objective. Working harder and getting in better shape all while advancing in one very fun game is motivation at its finest! You also have to try NexTrack. This app allows users to earn points by working out and users can use those points to earn rewards like gift cards. Who else will reward you for your fitness efforts?


Lastly, remember that all the motivation you need is inside you. Set goals that are important to you, understand those goals and remind yourself why you are working so hard when your motivation needs a boost.

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