Difference between ARC trainer and Elliptical Trainer

Almost every day we get question about difference between ARC trainer and Elliptical trainer. So, we have decided to make this blog to answer all the questions you may have.

There are some major similarities that make consumers confused.

  • Both are cardio trainer
  • Both of them looks similar
  • Both are low impact trainer

Actually the name of these trainers says the core difference between them. Elliptical trainers footplate moves in an ellipse motion, where Arc trainers footplate moves in arcuate motion

Motion in Arc trainer Motion in Elliptical trainer
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In an elliptical trainer as a user pushes down on one footplate, the opposite footplate moves around the ellipse until it reaches the apex of the pattern. But this isn’t the starting position, and in fact, the user actually has to push the footplate further forward until it reaches the point where it can move down again. This further push may cause some stress in knee joint (which is not major, but in a natural walking or running this never happens). Marketer of ARC trainer always want to state that this knee stress can cause painful overuse syndrome.

Arc trainers are designed to mitigate that unnatural push. In a arc trainer when you push one pedal, it will reach the bottom, and opposite pedal will come to top ready for you to push it down.

Footplate in elliptical trainers are somewhat tilted (which can be adjust in most of the cases). But arc trainers maintain a level footplate.

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