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ZeroGap : Ideal Padel Placement

Padels are placed zero distance between them to eliminate stress on hips and back. The closeness of the pedals in an elliptical is really important because it allows the user to use the elliptical in a very natural body mechanics position. Your body will do exactly what you train it to do. and it will correctly respond to a positive adaptation, but if you train it negetivly it will respond in a incorrect way.By having a natural placement of your foot, that also allow you to train your body in a very natural position.

HorizonFitnessEX692EllipticalTrainer-5Ideafit: Optimal Handlebar spacing

Grips are within ideal reach and distance for both small and large framed user

 StraightUP body Posture

Keeps your body upright for maximum comfort and faster result


A more natural foot path: mimics a natural running or walking motion while minimizing fatigue

Surestep Easy access

Pedals placed low to the ground are easier to step on and off


SmoothPulley: Smoother momentum

The large drive pulley ratio creates the smoothest most efficient motion possible.

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