Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent bike is a type of stationary cycle used to tone, increase endurance and improve cardiovascular health. Recumbent bikes feature a backrest to provide cyclists with more balance and back support. The backrest puts the user in a reclined position with arms resting naturally at the sides. This keeps the body properly aligned thus avoiding fatigue and unnecessary stress on the joints. It also prevents sore arms, wrists and hands. This added comfort is a result of the ergonomically designed seat. Some have described the seat on recumbent bikes as being similar to a comfortable piece of furniture. The ergonomics of this stationary cycle is why fitness and health professionals recommend it. The presence of a backrest makes it ideal for those with lower back problems, neck pain and those who simply prefer a lower, more stable center of gravity while cycling.

Every home gym should include a recumbent bike because it can transform a fitness plan. It does this by making cardiovascular exercise more enjoyable. Being able to sit back in a comfortable seat and cycle increases the desire to keep going and that produces results. A recumbent bike also activates the muscles in the lower body extremely well, especially the glutes. The reclined position effectively targets the gluteus maximus along with the quads, hamstrings and calves. Although recumbent cycles are lower body specific, the stability of the bike makes it easy to simultaneously work the upper body. A set of dumbbells can safely be used during workouts. Adding an upper body component will torch calorie burn and increase overall strength along with lean muscle mass. There is the option of performing shoulder presses, bicep curls, front raises and rows.

When shopping for a recumbent bike the main qualities to look for is a sturdy, durable design, comfortable well cushioned seat and varying resistance levels. Many models come with a lot of additional features but make sure that the bike selected is high quality and meets all needs before focusing on wants. Once those are covered, consider other features. Additional features available on recumbent bikes include preset programs, a heart rate monitor and a fitness tracking feature that keeps detailed data of distance covered and calories burned. Others also have a water bottle holder attached as well as a place to sit your laptop (for the multitasking home fitness enthusiast). Foldable models are also available for home gyms with limited space.

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