Why You’re Wrong by Not Using Low Impact Exercise Equipment

In today’s exercise world, low impact exercise equipment is on the rise and the demand for it continues to go up as more and more people learn about it. Why? Because this kind of equipment is desired by people who can’t seem to fit exercise into their schedule, have health problems, or do not want to have health problems later in life. This kind of equipment has caught fire and its popularity will certainly rise.

Why the Need for This Kind of Equipment?

High impact exercise is classified as exercise in which both of your feet leave the ground at the same time and works against gravity to strengthen the muscles. One of the most popular examples is running, as well as walking and playing specific sports. People usually have an aversion to high impact exercise because it does not fit into their schedules or it is too overwhelming. Plus, some people feel that high impact exercise does has a detrimental effect on the joints and wears them down early on, leading to health problems later on in life. Most people would like to have active, healthy joints when they are older, so they skip out on high impact exercise and choose low impact exercise. While high impact exercise does strengthen muscles, it also wears down the body.

Get Your Workout Through Machines

Once people have decided to skip out on high impact exercise, they usually search for low impact machines or exercises to carry out in order to keep in shape. There are hundreds of exercise equipment that fall under the low impact exercise category, but the most popular are stationary bikes, rowing machines, elliptical machines, and stair stepper machines. Most people choose these machines because they still give the body a bit of a workout and strengthen the muscles, but without all the wear and tear on joints. This is why these kinds of equipment are so popular. Here’s a rundown of each of the listed machines:

Stationary Bikes

These are just like regular bikes, but pedaling does not get the user anywhere. These are the oldest of the machines and are easily customizable to fit every need. You can change the resistance on the bike, depending if you want to push harder or not very much. Your workouts can go from relaxed to intense with a few clicks of a button, which makes the stationary bike a popular piece of equipment. While riding a stationary bike, your feet actually never leave the pedals, making it a low impact piece of equipment. While it still requires a bit of effort, it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for people who would like to avoid high impact exercise.

Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is actually what you think it sounds like. It is designed to mimic the feel and resistance of rowing through the water. It is one of the best machines that will give you a complete upper body workout, strengthening the muscles in the arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abdomen. Like the stationary bike, you can customize your workout by changing the resistance, giving you a variety of workout options. It is a low impact piece of equipment because your feet never move; they serve as anchors to keep you steady and never move out of place.

Elliptical Machines

Also widely known as cross trainers, elliptical machines are very popular, as they offer a wide range of styles and resistances. These machines mimic the motions of running, skiing, and climbing flights of stairs. Like the first two pieces of equipment, users can customize an elliptical to fit their needs. A workout can be as easy, or as hard, as a user wants. Elliptical machines are widely popular because can give users an intense cardio workout and exercise most muscles in the body, but the feet never leave the pedals of the machine. This is why it is popular and considered a low impact piece of equipment.

Stair Stepping Machines

If you climb stairs a lot, you know the feeling of raising your legs up and down until you get to the top of the staircase. Stair stepping machines are designed to stimulate the motions of climbing up the stairs. Using this machine heavily workouts out the muscles in the legs and backside, and though it hits joints a little harder than the other machines, people still use it to get a great cardio and fat-burning workout. It is still considered a low impact exercise machine because the feet do not leave the stair steps


Low impact exercise equipment has a high demand in today’s fitness world. Most people want a good workout and to strengthen their muscles, but they do not want the joint stiffness later on in life. With low impact equipment, pressure is still applied to the joints, but not as much as high impact equipment. They take off some of the stress you would experience with high impact exercise equipment while still giving you a good cardio workout. The pieces of equipment listed above do not completely eliminate wear and tear on joints, but they do reduce the stress and provide for a good workout. These are the most popular machines that are on the low impact market. If you are one of those people who want to get into shape, but want to give your joints a break, look into trying one of the machines listed above. They will give you a clean, strengthening workout with all the stress on the joints.

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