Do I Really Need an Elliptical?

If you find yourself wondering if you need an elliptical, the answer to that question is yes! Who couldn’t benefit from an exercise machine capable of improving the functioning of your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, building endurance and strength? Elliptical trainers are an essential all in one machine mistaken for a cardiovascular trainer. For those that still need convincing, here are five reasons why you need an elliptical.

You Get to Skip the Membership

Gyms are great of course but according to statistics, 67% of people that have gym memberships have never used them. Yes, NEVER. People live busy lives and have very little time to commute to the gym on top of work and other responsibilities. Rather than wasting money on something you may not use, it makes more sense to invest in a trainer that will last years and be used often.


Let’s be honest. If something isn’t convenient, the chance of you actually doing it decreases significantly. This especially applies to fitness. Being fit is a lifestyle and committing to that lifestyle is easier when those changes are easy to follow through on. With an elliptical, hundreds of workouts are waiting to be completed right in the comfort of your own home. Convenience also means no excuses.


You also need an elliptical trainer at home because it will enable you to have fun with your fitness. At the gym you have to wipe down the machine prior to use (gross!), may have to wait until one is free and machines are often close together meaning another person is working out right next to you. All of these factors are likely to take the fun out of training and encourage you to keep your training pretty basic. Having a trainer at home allows you to experiment more and let loose! You can blast your playlist to encourage an intense session, sing along, dance to the music (for those comfortable with hands-free training), work in super intense intervals that yield some super intense workout face and more. A trainer presents endless possibilities.

Ellipticals Prevent Overtraining

Elliptical trainers are low impact machines and usually monitor the user’s heart rate during training. Being low impact and displaying this useful statistic will prevent you from pushing your body too far, especially when you’re just starting out. The ability to regulate speed will also prevent you from making this common mistake. Injuries are not fun.

They Allow You to Make the Most of Your Time

Elliptical trainers are straight to the point and allow you to make the most of your time. Every stride is one step closer to your fitness goals and the repetitive nature of the machine decreases the duration of inactivity. Although not recommended, elliptical trainers also present the opportunity to multitask during training.

Ellipticals Allow Gradual Progression

Elliptical trainers, especially those with an adjustable incline feature and a wide range of resistance levels, allow you to progress over time. Like any other type of training, you want to start slow with elliptical training and gradually increase the intensity. You can start by working against a moderate resistance for a certain period of time, gradually increase that time and eventually move on to explosive intervals.

Greater Muscle Activation

Research has shown that elliptical training activates more muscle fibers than other activities like walking and running. Elliptical training better utilizes the quadriceps as well as the gluteus maximus and the hamstrings. The machine also improves quadriceps/hamstring coordination. Increased muscle activation means a stronger body since it encourages muscle development. As a plus, physical performance will improve across the board.

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