Elliptical Workout Routine | Ultimate guide for Elliptical users

I am always getting mail, saying ‘suggest me which machine provides the best elliptical workout’. To tell you the truth, I cannot suggest any specific machine just for its workout programs. I always suggest everyone to make the best use of the machines existing features ( resistance and incline). If you do this, you will burn away fat and calories, have a full-body workout; everything in a short time. This is the reason I am always backing up elliptical trainer as a single home fitness equipment.

But before you start on this workout routine, you need to understand your elliptical machine. this workout can be done in any elliptical trainers. If it has inclines its great, but if your trainer have no incline feature, you can still follow it with resistance level.

When you will get comfortable adjusting the incline and resistance level and you’ll rediscover why the elliptical continues to be one of the most popular workouts in any gym.

Before you start this workout, you need to do a brief warm-up session. When you are ready, adjust your incline and resistance every few minutes. To complete the whole session you only need 30 minutes. But if this 30 minute workout is easy for you, you can keep going. Just remember to check your heart rate. Adjust the level as necessary to meet the recommended rate of perceived exertion (RPE*).

Intensity: Moderate to Hard

Total Time needed: 30 Minutes

Expected calories burned: 300

Incline Level RPE* (1-10)
0-5 3 4 3
5-10 1 6 5
10-15 7 7 6
15-20 10 8 6-7
20-25 15 7 7
25-27 20 10 9
27-30 3 4 4

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