Ellipticals vs Bikes | Which one to get?

Many people finally finish the battle between the treadmill and the elliptical, and they choose the elliptical because of its flexibility, several customizable options, and its ability to give a full body workout.

But there is another piece of equipment to compare it to: the stationary bike. Most people compare the two pieces of equipment in terms of comfort, maintenance, and effect of the workout on the body. Most people favor the bike because they can sit down while working out, but others favor the elliptical because it gives a full body workout.

In the end, the purchase depends on the preference and lifestyle of the buyer, but let’s take a moment to compare them.

Space Issues

A lot of people don’t normally have too much space in their house, which makes it hard to find a decent piece of equipment, since most pieces are large and heavy. Often times, people can’t buy a certain machine because it would take up too much space.

Most ellipticals are heavy, huge, and take up a lot of time to set up, but other models have been designed to fold up, making it a little easier. Bikes, on the other hand, are typically smaller, don’t weigh too much, and can be assembled in a short amount of time. Most people find that bikes fit almost seamlessly into their lives because they are small, can be moved from place to place if need be, and don’t normally cost too much.

Recumbent Bikes are the Obvious Exception

Recumbent bikes are like stationary bikes, but they have a special back that helps support users during the workout. Overweight individuals who find working out on an elliptical daunting are better suited for recumbent bikes, which are designed to support the user and cause less back pain. They don’t add wear and tear on joints, either.

As a result, recumbent bikes are clearly an exception and have become an obvious favorite for people searching to lessen back pain and stress on the joints.

Advantages to the Bike?

stationary-bike-largeEveryone knows one important advantage to using a bike: you get to sit down while working out. While exercising, people often get tired because they are out moving around and are dying to sit down. A bike, however, lets you workout your lower body while sitting comfortably.

But, while you get to sit down, answer these questions: Will sitting down bore you easily and make you give up your exercising efforts? Since you are sitting down, will you have the patience to work as hard as possible?

Both the elliptical and the bike target the muscles in the lower body, making things even. Also, some models of the recumbent bike come with hand pedals, allowing the user to get a better arm workout while exercising the legs and lower body.

Along with sitting down, there are three more main advantages to the bike: the size, the price, and the familiarity. Since most people do not have a lot of space in their home to work out, they search for smaller pieces of equipment that will give them a pretty decent workout. Most bikes tend to take up a lot less room than ellipticals and they are usually lighter in weight, making them easy to move if needed.

In terms of price, bikes are usually a lot less expensive as compared to ellipticals. They go easy on the wallet while still giving users a burning workout that tightens muscles and increases endurance levels.

In terms of familiarity, people who rode their bikes as children may opt for a stationary bike because they are already used to the feel of it. The feel of ellipticals takes some time to get used to, but you never forget how to ride a bike. While the term “ease of use” applies to bikes, it also applies to ellipticals, as there is a simple START button that gets you going.


Advantages with the Elliptical

While you can sit down on a bike while working out, the elliptical makes you stand, giving you a weight-bearing workout. Weight-bearing workouts are important to people who want to combat the onset of osteoporosis and strengthen the muscles in the body. Ellipticals also provide more customizable options to get the best workout possible.

Most ellipticals provide handlebars, giving users a full body workout, as compared to stationary bikes, which only work out the lower body. It is easy to see why most people who are serious about losing weight buy the elliptical.

“One-Piece” Test Winner

If you are looking for a machine that will give you more bang for your buck, look no further than the elliptical. As compared to other pieces of equipment, ellipticals can give you a whole body workout by providing handlebars to work the upper body and the moving parts at the bottom to work the lower body. There are hundreds of options to choose from when using an elliptical, but with most stationary bikes, you only get one option: pedalling. The idea of a full body workout on one machine is what turns people over to the elliptical.

As a single piece of equipment, it comes out on top. Other pieces of equipment may require additional purchases for more add-ons, but what you see is what you get with the elliptical. It has everything you need for an intense full body workout.

In a competition between the elliptical and the bike, the elliptical leaves the bike in the dust, proving to be the favorite amongst thousands of gym rats in the fitness world

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