Best Exercise Ball​s for your Home

An exercise ball is an easy and affordable way to add variation to your home workouts. For those who do not know, an exercise ball is a lightweight inflatable ball that can be used in numerous fitness exercises. The ball is constructed from plastic and comes in different sizes ranging from 45 cm in diameter to 75 cm although larger sizes are offered by some manufacturers.

The sizes available directly correspond to height. In order for an exercise ball to be used properly it must correspond to the user’s height. A 45 cm ball is for those under 4’8″. 55 cm balls are recommended to those 4’8″ to 5’3″, 65 cm is best suited for individuals between 5’6″ and 5’10″ while those 5’10″ and up should opt for a 75 cm ball.

With an exercise ball, also known as a stability ball, physio ball and fitness ball, there are numerous forms of training that can be done and they can be done in a variety of locations. This is another reason why it is perfectly suited for a home gym whether the designated space is large or small. 

Aside from the obvious stability training which is a great way to up the intensity of basic moves like sit ups and leg extensions, strength training, stretching and yoga can also be done with a fitness ball. An exercise ball can even replace a weight bench. Anything from the arms to the calves can be targeted. It is easy to add weights to a workout with a fitness ball. As for stretching and yoga, the ball can deepen stretches and provide support when trying to master challenging yoga poses.

When shopping for an exercise ball it is important to select the right one. They are available at a variety of price points, colors and styles. Aside from price and aesthetics, any stability ball selected must be burst resistant (for obvious reasons) and durable to withstand regular use. It is also wise to choose one that is able to handle a higher weight. 

To properly use this piece of equipment all that is required is full inflation, correct form and good technique. Before use always check that the ball is fully inflated. Once that is done, attention must be focused on stabilizing and completing each rep, stretch or pose correctly in order to avoid injury. Start slowly as the body adjusts to using the ball.

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