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An elliptical machine can transform your backside. Everyone wants strong glutes and an elliptical can help you achieve that fitness goal. Many turn to the traditional squat (which can be hard on the knees), head over to the Stairmaster or pedal away on the stationary bike but why not try something new? This high intensity interval workout is going to activate the gluteal muscles to help tone and tighten that area. Aside from the workout itself, your stance and positioning matters. First, you want to stick out your bottom much like you would do if performing a traditional squat. From that stance, shift most of your weight to your heels to make sure that you really activate the glute muscles and recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. This combined with the motion involved in elliptical training will help firm, shape and lift. This elliptical workout focuses on resistance, speed and duration. The resistance ensures that the muscles are challenged and the constant change in duration keeps the muscles confused to maximize results. Speed on the other hand adds to the intensity of the workout and gets your heart rate up.

Elliptical Glute Workout

*Remember to maintain a neutral grip on the handles. Activate your core to stabilize and keep your upper body straight. Shift your weight on your heels and make sure to move from one resistance level to the next without pause. Maintain your target speed throughout each interval.

Incline: Choose a higher incline that you feel comfortable with if applicable. Only some machines allow the incline to be adjusted.

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Frequency: 3 times a week
  • Exercise Type: Cardio
  • Intensity: High
  • Repetitions: 1
  • Rest Period: 15 Minutes
  • Energy Expenditure: 500 calories

Phase Resistance Speed Duration
Phase 1 Level: 3 Slow 4 minutes (Warm up)
Phase 2 Level: 7 Fast 3 minutes
Phase 3 Level: 5 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 4 Level: 9 Fast 4 minutes
Phase 5 Level: 4 Medium 6 minutes
Phase 6 Level: 7 Fast 5 minutes
Phase 7 Level: 3 Slow 3 minutes (Cool down)
Total 30 Minutes

Your glutes will be on fire after this workout. It is really intense but extremely effective. In addition to targeting the glutes this workout will strengthen your entire lower body, especially the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. For this workout, try to use an elliptical machine that has an adjustable incline. Only the higher end machines have this feature but the steeper incline will greatly benefit this routine by adding intensity. More intensity equals better results!

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