Confidence Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

6.8Expert Score
This machine is worth the money. The most complain we heard about this trainer, is that its noisy and may break a part. But you can easily take care of the noisy part, with gluing all bolts tightly and using lubricants from time to time. We have heard several users to use this trainer for over 4 years.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Confidence Fitness Elliptical
Brand Confidence Fitness
Capacity 240 lb.
Price Range Under $200
Resistance Dial resistance, Not very durable
Programs N/A
Dimension 34″ x 24″ x 60″
Display LED, black and white.
Incline N/A
HR Monitor N/A


  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy Instructions
  • Light weight, easy to move


  • Handle Position
  • Noisy
  • Limited features

You can easily enjoy complete body workout devoid of leaving your home comforts with the new Confidence Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer. It has been designed with the concept of providing low impact cardiovascular exercises to all the family members. This trainer is perfect for rehabilitation, event training, as well as cardio fitness. This unit appears similar like a jogging or walking machine. With this machine, your feet are allowed to move naturally in elliptical motion which does not exert any stress on the joints.

Confidence Elliptical trainer is considered to be better than the treadmills due to the fact that it provides a smooth and fluid movement that not only tones arms and back but hips, legs, chest and glutei too. This amazing elliptical trainer certainly features high quality construction and superb design that makes it elevated than the other elliptical trainers sold by other manufacturers.


  • The machine is capable of burning 5 times more calories than ordinary walking would do for you.
  • You will find 4 functions on its on-board computer including distance, speed, time and calories counter.
  • It has adjustable resistance that provides forward and backward motion with ease.
  • You will get the instruction manual along with your machine for an easy assembling.
  • Even though the elliptical trainer weighs just 60kgs but it can endure weight up to 110kgs.

Hence if you are new into workouts then you can give a quick start to your workout routine with Confidence Elliptical Trainer easily. With this machine you can easily get indulged into a decent workout for three to four times a week. It is one machine that will make your workout experience really enjoyable for you. Hence, if you are tight on budget and can not afford to buy n expensive $1000 machine you can confidently opt for this trainer and enjoy your workout for around 2 to 3 years. However, you need to keep in mind that you might be required to change your elliptical after this period.


  • The most noticeable flaw in the machine is its handle. It makes you feel awkward to lean too much while exercising because the handle is positioned quite far from the body.Nuts and bolts must be tighten from time to time
  • Might create noise if loosely assembled.
  • Made of economy material (we are not using the word cheap, as many users are using it after 4 years)
  • Just a standard trainer (no incline of or other programs)
Confidence Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer
Confidence Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

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