FreeMotion Freestrider s7.8 with Variable Stride

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If you are thinking of shedding your extra fat and make yourself fit for everyday activity, Freestrider S7.8 with 44-Inch Variable Stride is the product that you must have. Before buying it, our review will help you to determine correctness, excellence and condition of the product.
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At a Glance: FreeMotion Freestrider s7.8
Brand FreeMotion
Price Range Under $2000
Resistance 20
Stride Lenght 44-Inch Variable Stride
Programs  24 customized workouts
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless

The look of the machine gives the impression of being pretty much wonder for the trainers. It is the latest thing for the trainers for body exercise. It is definitely amazing in terms of features and looks. Freestrider S7.8 has all the reasons to be talked widely. The product is the right choice for those who really want to be physically fit in this busy world of diverse activity. The machine makes your life speedier than before by trimming your body into desirable shape.

The S7.8 combines the elliptical low-impact stride with the combustion of the calorie of the trainer. Your stride is redefined with the distinctive changeable stride feature of the product. The natural striding motion in a small footprint is really unique about the product. This unique foot path provides you with more muscle activation and calorie burning as compared to walking and running. The variable stride and gel cushioned foot pedals let you enjoy the liberty and relieve in the movement of limbs. With 20 levels of Electromagnetic Resistance System you will receive guaranteed consistent resistance during workout. Adjusting your resistance level according to your individual fitness without hurting your joint is very easy with the machine . The classy workout display keeps eye on the amount of calories burned, calories burned per hour, time, pulse, resistance, and waits The inventive LDC Stride Ladder follows your stride in real time and indicates your position in your workout. This feature will inform you if you are to kick it up or cool it down, so that you can reach your fitness target every time! The smart s7. 8 is also fitted SD card also has the compatibility to include 16 preset stride workouts with memory statistics. This feature helps you to monitor your perfection and enhancement during workout. The heart rate is also observed and put on the show via contact sensors or a polar compatible wireless chest strap. With the finest sound quality of integrated speaker system you can plug in and rock out. Enjoy your workout to your preferred tunes by plugging in your favorite devices like iPod, CD or MP3 player! You’ll always remain cool and relaxed with the integrated fan no matter how you bend, flex or move. With the Freemotion s7. 8, your way to a stronger become smoother.

Only 8 weeks of progressive workouts with FreeMotion Freestrider s7.8 you will be landing in the position of complete satisfaction. You can also afford to give your gym members the personalized fitness by evaluating their requirements. They’ll get 24 customized workouts that plug in a straight line into Cardio machinery and routinely regulate resistance. At the same time the trainee will get verbal instruction of the trainer through each workout powered by the Free Motion.


  • Adjustable Stride length
  • Heart Rate Pulse Information display
  • Stride Ladder to view the pace
  • iPod recharge facility
  • iFit Customization
  • Substantial Price Tag

The machine is designed with a combination of low-impact stride of an elliptical with calorie burn of an incline. It offers striding motion in a miniature footprint. With 20 levels of the custom-designed Electromagnetic Resistance System, the machine offers you steady resistance that assures a powerful, aerobic workout . The LDC Stride Ladder follows your pace and indicates your position in the workout. With this trainer you’ll remain cool and comfortable with integrated fan no matter how you bend, flex or move with.
Even though it is made for household use, it is very close to commercial quality besides being pricey. The Set-Up piece that is attached to the base of the machine is a bit negative in design. The stiff plastic seems to snap into place and there is a possibility of coming off the plastic during placing. What’s more this item is shipped fully assembled except the arms. That may lead to the difficult opening of the package.
FreeMotion Freestrider s7.8 with Variable Stride
FreeMotion Freestrider s7.8 with Variable Stride

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