Horizon Fitness Elite 9 Elliptical Trainer

The Elite E9 is a truly impressive machine, due to its commercial design and durability. The ergonomic design that has gone into this machine allows for a comfortable workout, and the six star platform promotes proper body positioning. Users will effectively reach their workout goals due to the help of ViaFit. This connective program transfers the user stats to the workout apps of their choice, allowing them to keep track of their workouts.


-Virtual Active entertainment syncs to the speed and intensity users set for each workout
-ViaFit keeps track of how many calories are burned, as well as a display screen that shows stats in real time
-Full-color console features interactive capabilities
-Lifetime warranty on frame
-Five year warranty on parts
-Two year warranty on labor
-Polar heart rate monitoring is more accurate than handlebar grip readings
-Reasonable price range
-Heavy flywheel allows for smooth rides

Build Quality

The Horizon Elite E9 Elliptical features a “SixStar Frame”, which is comprised of six design details that create a very natural and comfortable workout. These details are:
1.Smooth Elliptical Stride – The Elite E7 uses a large drive pulley and an impressive 30 lb. flywheel to allow the elliptical to move smoothly and naturally.
2.Narrow Pedal Distance – Due to it’s front drive design, this elliptical trainer places the pedals very close to each other, thus reducing stress to the user’s hips.
3.Optimal Handlebar Spacing – The handlebars are at a 45 degree angle, and within easy reach and position.
4.Straight Body Posture – Most elliptical trainers force the user to lean forward due to the positioning of their body over the mechanism. The Horizon Elite E9 allows your body to stay in an upright posture, allowing the user to workout more comfortably and for longer periods.
5.Natural Elliptical Stride – The user receives an elliptical pattern that closely mimics running or walking. This is far less stressful on your joints and lower back.
6.Low Pedal Height – The pedals are extremely easy to mount and dismount due to their low 10” height.

This machine also features a power incline, a 20″ stride, and multi-grip handlebars.


Most users suggest that at least two people assemble the Horizon Elite E9 Elliptical. The assembly itself is pretty simple and straightforward, but the overall weight of the machine may make it harder for some users to maneuver by themselves. Horizon tries to make this a little easier by not only offering in-home delivery, but also scheduling drop offs for the ultimate convenience.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Horizon Elite E9 features a polar heart rate monitor that is often considered to be much more accurate than a hand grip heart rate monitor. Users can use this device to keep track of their heart rates throughout their workout by watching the admittedly small 7″ LCD monitor.

Display and Console

The Elite E9’s LCD monitor is admittedly small compared to most monitors in this price range but still aim to please with vibrant colors instead of the traditional black and white. The monitor provides feedback on the user’s speed, time, distance, calories, RPM, resistance level, heart rate and watts. Plus, it is capable of showing videos from Virtual Active. The console features speakers, a MP3 input, a reading rack, and a bottle holder.


This particular elliptical from Horizon features 44 preset workout programs for the user to choose from, allowing you create the best workout for your personal needs. The E9 also features a workout tracking calendar to help the user keep track of their progress.


The Horizon Elite E9’s warranties are definitely going to be hard to beat in this particular price range. The frame and motor feature a lifetime warranty, the parts have an impressive 5 year warranty, and there’s a generous 2 year warranty for all labor.


-SixStar frame design allows for comfortable workout
-Impressive warranties all around
-Full color console


-Console is small at only 7″
-Assembly may be difficult for only one person

Photos: Horizon Fitness Elite 9 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness Elite 9 Elliptical Trainer
Horizon Fitness Elite 9 Elliptical Trainer

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