LifeCore CD400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer

LifeCore CD400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer

7.7Expert Score
If you are looking for high quality elliptical with a compact design, and willing to spend some cash for it, LifeCore CD400 is all you need. But remember, if you want a good exercise, this elliptical is good, but if you want extreme exercise, I would suggest to skip this, as the high programmer settings are not as high as other ellipticals
Build Quality

At a Glance: LifeCore CD400
Brand LifeCore Fitness
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $1000
Resistance 20 Levels
Stride Lenght 21″
Dimension 42 x 64 x 31 inches
Programs 11
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless


  • Oversize foot pedal
  • Durable and high quality
  • Centre Drive
  • Very Stable
  • Easy to assamble
  • Extremely good customer support (most probably you will never need them)


  • Too Heavy to move
  • Some user may find the highest setting bit too low and easy to do

If you want to get the most out of your workout session with an elliptical trainer that provides the best exercise experience at the least possible cost, you would want to try the  CD400. For those who have already purchased this machine, they only have two words for it; compact and durable. With such a machine, you don’t have to sweat out going to the gym every day. You can do your much needed exercise right at your own house. You don’t even need a large space for it since it has a neat and trim construction.

It is far more effective and comfortable as it allows your body to be completely in upright position while on it. Its center-drive system and 8-inch step up height helps with the right positioning while its solid 42-inch broad footprint ensures that you don’t have to allocate much space for the machine. Most elliptical trainer nowadays lets your body lean forward which will put a strain on your knees and this will not bode well in the long run.

Its 21 inch stride length and 2-inch pedal spacing makes you feel all natural in your stride without feeling as if you are wearing something bulky on your feet. Moreover, it operates quietly without making any grating sounds that other machine emits. Due to its compact structure, the machine does not move around even when you go full speed. It actually weight around 300 lbs and equipped with 20 levels of resistance which is friction-free. You can monitor all crucial data while exercising including heart rate, distance, time, energy and the likes on an LCD display right in front of the machine, which helps motivate you to get going.

The LifeCore CD400 is your ultimate choice for a marvellous workout which exercises both your upper and lower body without placing undue pressure on your joints. What’s more, you can do your workout at your own pace and time right in the comfort of your home! With this innovative machine, you will experience a comfortable and effective workout that will reap you much benefit in the long run. This machine offers a variety of preset programs which allows a neophyte who is just starting working out or a veteran user who is seeking for a more demanding challenge.

The preset programs include the following:

  • Manual
  • Hill
  • Random
  • Interval
  • Glute blaster
  • Speed interval
  • Interval Mountain
  • Heart rate cardio
  • Target heart rate
  • Heart rate hill
  • Heart rate fat burn

Other attributes of the machine that makes it more convenient to use includes a big dot matrix LED monitor that displays crucial personal exercise data, heart rate sensors that has center-grip, large cushioned footpads and grips, transport wheels located at its front, two user profiles and an expedient built-in reading rack. You can also opt to have other accessories added to the whole package such as equipment hat and heart rate chest strap. You don’t have to worry about spending additional a fortune should anything broke in its frame since the machine comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame, a 5 years warranty on its parts and a 1-year warranty on its labour. You can be assured of the product’s high quality with just the brand name itself since LifeCore Fitness boasts of more than 15 years experience in flawless customer service and making top of the line fitness machines that are user-friendly, sturdy and cost-effective to the clients.

With the CD400, you are assured of a great workout anytime at your own pace. With the low 8-inch step up even petite persons can readily access the machine while its user-friendly console ensures that anyone can operate the machine without any difficulty.

The machine comes in a wooden pallet and is quite heavy at 300 pounds. You might need two or more people to carry it where you want to place the machine. You need about 3 hours to assemble it but the instructions are quite clear with its step by step process. Furthermore, all the bolts and the manual of instructions itself are packed separately which makes it very organized. In general, this is a cost-effective machine that every fitness buff would want to own.

Photos: LifeCore CD400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer

LifeCore CD400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer
LifeCore CD400 Center Drive Elliptical Trainer

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