Warranty on Elliptical Trainers

Ellipticals usually offer different warranties for parts, labor, and frame. Frames usually don’t break and hence come with longer warranty covers. Parts are “wear items” and are handed a shorter warranty for obvious reasons. Labor warranty spans for a medium to short period on most machines. To make things simple, let’s say there is a one-year warranty on the labour and three-years on the parts. This means the company will pay for any parts you have to replace in the first three years.However, they will only pay for the labour for replacing these parts for the first year. If your machine breaks down in year 2, they will pay for the parts but not for someone to fix it.Brands such as Schwinn offers 15 years warranty on the frame, but only 6 months on the parts. Spirit goes 4 years frame, 3 months parts, 1 year labor warranties. Sole gives lifetime on the frame, 3 years for parts and electronics, and 1 year for labor. These clearly convey a certain sense of quality on these machines.

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