AFG 4.0 AE Duel Action Elliptical Trainer

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AFG 4.0 AE comes with a lot of features. It has a nonslip- over sized pedal, which makes the elliptical experience better. We can’t complain any thing about its features. Assembly is very easy. But accounting to some customer reviews, few users find higher resistance to cause some annoying noise.
Build Quality

At a Glance: AFG 4.0 AE
Brand AFG
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $1000
Fly Wheel 23 lbs
Resistance 20
Stride Lenght 20-22”
Programs 20
Incline 16 degree power incline
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless


  • Adjustable Stride
  • 20 programmable resistance
  • 16-degree power incline
  • Nonslip, oversized pedals


  • Bit noisy (When at max resistance)

AFG is one of the sister concerns of Johnson Health tech. which is one of the famous quality equipment manufacturers for more than 30 years. This trainer provide teh user with a lot of features that can match a commercial quality machine. So it is a cost effective options for athletes and fitness concerned persons.

The most important point is that it provides various features that provide natural & comfortable exercise experience to a person. Now let me share the attractive features that enhance the performance of athletes.

  • It is an unique exercise device with 23 pound flywheel with magnetic brake resistance system.
  • It includes a programmable support with 20 different settings. Besides this it includes 16 degree motor driven incline with intuitive trainer buttons.
  • It includes LED screen which makes it easier to select exercise program as well as modify a program during exercise and simultaneously it provides real time key exercise feedback to the user at a glance.
  • It combines long step dimensions and revolving footpads with mimic natural walking motion to provide better exercise experience.
  • It has 300 pound capacity along with wireless receiver and this device has life time warranty for its frame and brake.

Some key benefits which provide it a competitive edge over the elliptical trainers from health clubs are:

  • The product manual is helpful to operate this product and it is easy to understand as well.
  • 20 programmable easy to entry and exit options provide a user to exercise options according to his/her own will. This option specifically concentrates on different muscle groups of the body.
  • Flywheel as well as magnetic bar resistance provides smooth, consistent and reliable dive system during exercise.
  • Polar Heart rate receiver provides real time monitoring options. Besides this LED display is easy to understand and read.
  • The user can operate it from lower setting to higher setting to burn calories.
  • The product is easy to assemble and assembling tools are provided along with the product.
  • The machine doesn’t create ant noise and the user can watch T.V while doing his/her exercise.
  • It provides an elevation range up to 16 degree with 900 pound drive motor.
  • The nonslip footpad prevents any kind of accident that may happen due to slipping during exercise.

Now a day’s people have become very much health conscious and the popularity of fitness instruments are raising day by day. As a health instrument it can easily be said that AFG 4.0 AE Duel Action Elliptical Trainer provides the users more exercise options sitting in their own residence rather than going to the expensive health clubs. To each and every aspect the product is user friendly. The product is affordable by means of this price. This trainer provides multiple exercise options which help the users to achieve his/her desired performance. Meanwhile the real time feedback helps the users to understand his/her performance level easily. This device is easy to assemble and assembling tools are provided along with the package. Besides that user manual as well as  the call center also provides instant support to assist the user if he/she finds any difficulties to assemble it.The lifelong warranty of frame and brake along with different warranty period for different spare parts can help to assure the user regarding its long term uninterrupted superior performance.

AFG 4.0 AE Duel Action Elliptical Trainer
AFG 4.0 AE Duel Action Elliptical Trainer

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