Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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The most popular Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer can create a zero impact and smooth elliptical motion. The operation is so quiet that it has earned the name of whisper-quiet in the workout elliptical trainer family.
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The best health solution is to remain fit. Cardiovascular exercise is the best solution for better fitness. The traditional cardiovascular exercise is running and jogging. People are discouraged to try these exercises on a regular basis because they eventually hurt their joints. These exercises are high impact and will result in a lot of wear and tear of human joints. Luckily, elliptical trainers like the Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer are conceived to find the underlying cause of that problem by offering low-impact or even no-impact exercise options. This unique fitness appliance supports the user’s foot all through the motion by mimicking climbing up stairs or walking. The calories burnt while using this machine is matching to calories burnt during actual jogging or walking. Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is the best option for a healthy and fit body.

The built-in transport wheels are an added advantage for easy storage and movements. A simple dial is provided to adjust the intensity of workouts through adjustments of the magnetic resistance. There is an easy to read backlit LCD computer controlled console. This is connected to a fuzzy logic based interface controller. It will track speed, time, distance and many more useful parameters during actual workouts. The heart rate can also be assessed for quality health related workouts.

We will find out the specific Product Features of Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer:

  • Typical elliptical motion is generated through a patented technology to supplement best fitness exercises.
  • Hand pulse heart-rate monitor is included. The Hand-Grip heart-rate monitor is ideal for continuously monitoring heart rate before, during, and after exercise or while a person is stationary. The design of the Hand-Grip heart-rate monitor makes it easy to monitor heart rate during, as well as after, exercise. Handgrips do not require electrodes or clips. It is easy to clean.
  • The Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is built with a pass-through  frame design. This will ensure a greater comfort while the exerciser is working out a sweat. Pass through technology imparts an easy access.
  • The micro-controller based LCD display indicates important workout parameters during exercising. It will display time, speed, distance. Calories burned and pulse rate. These data are important to monitor the exercise routine and relates to important feedback for further health build-up.
  • Smooth magnetic adjustable resistance up to 8 levels. Magnetic members in cooperation with a rotating electricity member establish eddy current resistance in the rotation members for smooth rotation adjustments. The actuator is rotatable relative to the body, and the rotatable member is interconnected to a flywheel for smooth transition of rotation.
  • The Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has a facility for upper-body  workouts.

Physical details of Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 47-5/8 by 28 by 64-5/8 inches (L x W x H)
  • Assembled Weight: 71.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 18 inches;  79 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 80 pounds

Seller Warranty Terms:

Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is warranted for a period of one year for the entire frame and 90 days for all the components and parts. This warranty is valid to the recorded date of purchase. Buyers should ensure that the date of purchase is properly recorded on the warranty cards and purchase documents. The buyer or user should ensure proper care of the appliance during the warranty period. Buyer should not alter or modify any component or parts without express permission of the seller or manufacturer.

The Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is an affordable entry-level elliptical exercise machine. This machine is recommended for beginners looking forward to getting started with an aerobic routine. Avid runners and fitness enthusiasts may want to look for a more durable and feature-rich elliptical machine.

User Review
This is a good item for the price. The assembly was easy in that I put it together by myself. It could be a little wider at the base to increase stability, and it creaks a little more than I would like, but the workout you get from it is great! It actually feels like a realistic amount of calories burned for the amount of time on the machine as compared to some other machines I have used

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Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer
Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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