CYBEX 425A Arc Trainer

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The pedal motion CYBEX 425A Arc Trainer allows synchronous movement of the hip and knee simultaneously. It alleviates joint pain as the foot remains beneath the knee. The Cybex Arc Trainer posses three “exercise zones”of the trainers, Climb, Stride and Glide. The high position Climb is similar to a stair climber motion, the Stride in the pedal motion of the Arc Trainer allows synchronous movement of the hip and knee simultaneously. It soothes joint pain as the foot remains beneath the knee.
Build Quality

At a Glance: CYBEX 425A
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $2000
Stride length 23 inches
Resistance Up to 600 watts
Display full split-level display
Dimension 69 x 29 x 62 inches
Incline  Power Incline (11 Levels)
HR Monitor Contact

The length and width of CYBEX 425A is 69 inches and 29 inches respectively.  This Trainer is not undersized machine. Fascinatingly enough, the machine is not so bigger the home version of the machine. This customized machine is created for repeated use though no prices are published on the authorized website. The length of the stride is suitable for the enthusiast with more than usual length of legs. The entire length of the trainer is 23 inches. Being built for business use, the machine doesn’t give the same support of the domestic model.

The Arc trainer supports both upper and lower body muscles at the same time. The technology  of the same side of the machine moves arms on the identical side as the pace of the trainer make the movements  of the limbs easier and more relaxing. Dieters can look forward to end up more calories on this arc trainer as compared to other machines for fitness. The intensity level of the trainers is also high. The special design of the machine offers the users to heal the injury of the back, hip, and joint injuries without pain.

Program-wise trainer provides prompt -start and man operated modes with 10 stipulated programs. These are hill interval, weight loss, valleys, Cardio, ramps, hills, ramps, interval one and two. It easily can follow your development  in the workouts. The magazine rack and tabs of the machine are also interesting for the machine  Another feature of the trainer takes in a wireless heart rate monitor that is free of wire. A distinct holder for a water bottle and a serviceable tray are the attraction of the machine.

The distinguishing features of the machine are as follows:

  • 11 incline levels
  • 23 inches stride length
  • The range of resistance of the trainer is 600 watts maximum.
  • The dual step drive type is very special to the machine.
  • Eddy Current Brake of the machine is very effective.
  • The Capacity of the trainer is 300 pounds that give reliance to the users.
  • The total dimension of the machine 29W, 62H and 69 D makes it perfect for use.
  • 10 years guarantee  on the frame , 5 year warranty on parts, 1year service contract on  servicing.

You don’t need to go to a gym to regain your body fitness. You don’t even go out for  a diverse out-of-doors workout to get your visionary body fitness  You are able to get the benefits of those workouts with the help of just one equipment, that is Cybex Arc Trainer 425A. This outstanding machine is quite similar to the highly developed other machines in the market


  • It combines the super elements of elliptical skier and climber.
  • The technology of reverse Arc Motion  employs gluts and quads  to shed more calories
  • The differences in the levels of workout and safety ratings make the trainer confident.
  • The product creates Gym-quality results in any situation.
  • As the trainer is light customized machine , it is suitable for corporate environments, hotels and any housing complexes.
  • It supports different types of body movements.


  • The trainer is expensive as compared to the features it provides.
  • It is more suitable for commercial purposes like gym settings, corporate house etc.
  • No price list for the trainer is found on the authorized websites.
  • The maximum weight of the trainer is 300 pounds.
  • The stride of the trainers is 23 maximum.
  • The machine has no impact for the dieters to easily make them pain-free of workout.

CYBEX 425A Arc Trainer
CYBEX 425A Arc Trainer

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