Livestrong LS13.0E-2 Elliptical

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The LIVESTRONG® LS13 is a very sturdy and ergonomically perfect elliptical. At a price of less than $1300, this trainer offers all the good features that a high range machine can offer. What makes this machine more unique is its front drive, which has a motion like the rear drive machines.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Livestrong LS13.0E-2
Brand Livestrong
Capacity 350 lb.
Price Range Under $1500
Fly Wheel Weight 30 lbs
Stride length 20 Inch
Resistance 20
Dimension 31 x 63 x 75″
Programs 14
Incline Powered incline with 0-to-100% incline
HR Monitor Contact and Wireless


  • Power Incline
  • Well Built
  • Cheaper than elliptical of same features
  • Good Warranty coverage

Main Features

LiveTrack Interactive

This is a very exclusive feature from Livestrong. This is a USB system where we can add new programs to the existing ones. We could save our daily workout data to the USB and view it in our PC or laptops to keep a track of all our workouts.

From the LiveStrong website we could even download different workout programs on the USB and then install it on our trainer.

LiveTrack Fitness Journal

The LS13.0E-2 consists of a LiveTrack Fitness Journal which helps to track our progress throughout the workout program. The system can save data of two users.


There are 14 well designed workout programs in this trainer. These workout programs are specially designed and structured keeping in mind the different user categories. We could even design our own workout programs by just clicking Custom on the display and creating the program according to our requirements.

iPod Compatibility

This elliptical is compatible with the iPods. It has with two speakers. You can enjoy the music of our choice either by listening through speakers or head phones. This will make our workouts enjoyable.


The Elliptical has a powerful 2.75 CHP motor which means the trainer will run very smoothly in lower and higher speed. The motor is practically soundless for any home use trainers


  • Elliptical trainer that has a heavy 30-pound flywheel to produce even, effortless flowing movement
  • Imitates normal route of knees, hip joints, and ankles to guarantee a less effect training
  • Extensive 20-inch stride measurement; 12 fixed training platforms
  • Built-in Livetrack Interactive technology
  • Softened MaxTone pedals
  • 350-pound mass capability; measures 29 x 68 x 76 inches; lifetime frame and brake support guarantee
  • In-built speakers and provides a 2GB USB stick


Build Quality

The machine is very sturdy and strong with good industrial grade steel. It weighs 262 pounds and has a user capacity of 350 pounds. It is good enough as compared to other trainers. Also with the length of 76 inches and width of 35 inches, it is perfectly suitable for domestic use. It also has a 20 inches wide and 60 inches long deck. So it doesn’t matter if you are taller or shorter, you will get plenty of foot space.


This machine is very easy to assemble and in not more than one hour we could make it completely running. We required two people to assemble the machine it has many heavy duty components. Only we needed to apply grease liberally for smooth operation of the machines. The manual which comes with the machine is not very detailed yet the machine is very simple to assemble.

Heart Rate Monitor

We could make use of either the handle grips or the wireless strap to monitor the heart rate. The easiest way to monitor the heart rate is by just holding the handles firmly for a few seconds and the rate is displayed on the console in no time. Though the wireless strap is a better option but for quick reading the handle grip is perfect.


LS13.0E-2 has four LED windows which display distance, time, speed, incline, calories and heart rate. The console also has a unique feature like exceptional display for LiveTrack Interactive and LiveTrack Journal.



There are 14 pre set workout programs which are well designed and structured for different targets. The programs include The Manual program which allows you to select the options manually. The Peak Intervals or the Speed Intervals will help you to increase your stamina. With the Weight Loss Program, we can shed those extra pouches of fats. The Rolling Hills program will help us to tone our muscles and there are many other useful programs. Thus every program is a target based, well researched program.


LiveStrong offers a generous lifetime warranty on the brake and frame and 2 years on Labor and 5 years on the parts. This warranty is very generous as compared to the other brands available. This proves that the manufacturer has complete faith in its product and so we are assured of the after sales service of this brand.

Over all it is a strong and sturdy model with a rear drive system which is though not proffered by many users. Ergonomically this is a good trainer for all the type of users, be it taller or shorter. There are other good features like a built in fan, built in speakers, 20 inches stride, power incline etc. Though there are some drawbacks like the fan is not of a very good quality, the speakers are noisy, but it is still a value for money product.

Livestrong LS13.0E-2 Elliptical
Livestrong LS13.0E-2 Elliptical

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