Best Ellipticals for Small Spaces (2023)

Considering the effectiveness of ellipticals than any other equipment, you might be planning to buy one. But if its standard larger size holds you back from getting one for your small apartment or gym, consider buying a compact one. Now, from a plethora of options available, it is quite stressful to choose the right one that best suits your needs.

Schwinn 411 is one of the best and most recommended compact-sized ellipticals in the market. It offers long strides without compromising the compact size of the machines. Its 18 inches strides, 16 resistance levels, multiple grips handlebars make it an apt choice for exercisers of different heights and workout goals. 

However, what is best for others might not be the best for you because we all have our different budget and needs. Therefore, in this buying guide, I would briefly talk about the 5 best ellipticals for small spaces (2023) so that you can decide which fits into your definition of “best” as per your needs.

Before we get into the review, have a look at this comparison table for a basic idea of what these 5 ellipticals have to offer.

Compact EllipticalsDimensions(size)WeightResistance LevelsLinks
  EFITMENT E005  34.5″ Length × 24.5″ Width × 61″ Height    63 lbs  8  Check Price on Amazon
  XTERRA EU150 Hybrid Elliptical  42.5″ Length × 24.5″ Width × 61.5″ Height    70.5 lbs  24  Check Price on   Amazon
  Sunny Health and Fitness SF E905    28″ Length × 17″ Width × 57″ Height  60 lbs  8  Check Price on Amazon
  ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro  66″ Length × 29″ Width × 52″ Height  225 lbs  26  Check Price on Amazon
  Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical    70.1’’ Length × 28.1″ Width × 63.1″  101 lbs  16  Check Price on Amazon

5 Best Compact Ellipticals for Small Spaces

The best elliptical is nothing but which can fit perfectly into your budget, needs, and of course small space. Each of these ellipticals has its own share of features and performance. So go through my review of each to know which is the best fit for you.


This compact elliptical is super light-weight. If you want a compact machine for your gym or home where space is limited then this should be your preference.

This elliptical is a good fit for some lightweight workouts in narrow space. It only provides 8 levels of resistance. But if you do not like to go for a high-intensity workout then these few resistance levels are more than enough. 

At your small spaced gym or home this machine will not take a hell lot of your space because its dimensions are relatively compact than the standard ellipticals. Also, after your workout, if you want to store it in the garage, you can comfortably do that. Because its leg stabilizers or front base caps will keep it stable in such a narrow space.

The transport wheels make it easier for you to transport it to any corner of your home easily. If you have some guests coming over, then to make some space you can easily move it to a corner or outside. 

Its manual knob to adjust resistance level can seem a tad bit troublesome. But the knob is within your arms reach, so without leaning much you can adjust resistance quickly.


Model: EFITMENT E005

Resistance Levels: Up to 8

Resistance Type: Magnetic Manual Resistance (within arm’s reach)

Incline: Not Available 

Dimensions: 34.5″ Length × 24.5″ Width × 61″ Height (in inches)

Weight Handling: Up to 220 lbs.

Assembled Product Weight: 63 lbs.

Frame Warranty: 3 years


Hand Pulse Sensor: This elliptical is integrated with a pulse sensor that can monitor your pulse rate. Therefore, the exercise meter of this machine keeps track of your pulse rate to help you maintain a target heart rate for respiratory and cardiovascular endurance. 

Adjustable Resistance: Even though this machine doesn’t feature electromagnetic braking resistance that adjusts the resistance automatically, the manual knob allows you to adjust resistance levels. Exercisers can adjust the levels by turning the knob. Sure it will take a tad bit of time to adjust, but at least it can adjust resistance according to users’ fitness goals and capacity. 

Belt Driven Flywheel: The flywheel is not heavyweight as the machine is compact. But its belt-driven flywheel makes the performance smooth almost with zero friction. And the zero to less friction makes this compact machine more durable.

Leg Stabilizers: It is one of the best features of this machine. The front base is configured with two rotating caps that work as stabilizers. The caps prevent the machine from tipping or swaying down on the floor. The caps or leg stabilizers keep you and your machine safe. 


• Easily transportable

• Smooth operation 

• Stable 

• Comfortable and anti-slip foot-pedals

• Zero to low maintenance 

• Provides both upper and lower body workout

• Pulse rate sensor

• Easy to Assemble 

• Affordable 


• No Incline

• Multi-grip handlebars not available 

• Few resistances levels

• Tablet holder and display console are closely placed, placed tablet blocks the display view

Check Price on Amazon

2. XTERRA EU150 Hybrid Elliptical 

The XTERRA EU150 hybrid is a compact elliptical that should be the best deal for anyone who wants to do an intense workout without wanting to stand straight the whole time. This is configured with a comfortable seat so that you can pedal through at a higher resistance while sitting down. And its comfortable seat would motivate you to work out even after a long tiring day. 

The best news is, at a cheaper price, this machine comes with an ECB resistance system so that you can adjust resistance quickly and automatically. 

Although it combines the feature (seat) of a recumbent bike, this elliptical is not as lengthy as the recumbent bike. It has been designed in a compact way. So, it would fit perfectly in your home without taking much space. 


Model: XTERRA EU150

Resistance Levels: Up to 24

Resistance Type:  ECB (electromagnetic current brake) resistance system

Incline: Not Available 

Dimensions: 42.5″ Length × 24.5″ Width × 61.5″ Height (in inches)

Weight Handling: Up to 265 lbs.

Assembled Product Weight: 70.5 lbs.

Frame Warranty: 1 year


Comfortable Seat: This compact elliptical comes with a comfortable seat. The seat makes pedaling easier for beginner-level elliptical users. Also, older people or exercisers with an ankle injury can easily work out on it by sitting on it. It increases grip and balance while working out.

Higher Resistance: The 24 levels of resistance are really useful for burning calories and cutting weight faster. Not every hybrid elliptical with such an affordable price can offer much higher resistance.  It keeps a hold of the motivation to continue workout as higher resistance helps to lose weight faster.

Built-in workout programs: It has 23 workout programs to choose from. The programs are designed in a way to increase heart rate, burn fat, and tone down the full body. With the different programs, users can break the monotony of their workout patterns.


• Friction-free performance 

• Adjustable Seat

• Suitable for a full-body workout

• Quick to respond ECB resistance setting 

• Stride length 13 inches

• Solid Framework made of steel

• Longer Durability 

• Well labeled buttons on the console 

• Blue backlit display

• Audio jack

• Affordable 


• Customer service is not so good

• No tablet holder

Check Price on Amazon

3. Sunny Health and Fitness SF E905

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF E905 is one of the most recommended compact ellipticals for small spaces. Because of its two sets of handlebars, larger footplates, and quiet performance it is preferred by many. 

The two sets of handlebars enable you to maintain your balance while standing straight and pedaling.  With these, you will not feel overwhelmed to maintain your balance if you are a new user of elliptical. Otherwise, the larger elliptical with one handlebar is quite difficult to have a grip on.  

This elliptical is not noisy. So, if you share a small room then consider buying it.  Because it would not cause disturbance to your roommate while it functions.  

This is compact, quiet running, and budget-friendly.  Also, its larger footplates would delight you if you want a natural stride feeling while working out on this machine.  


Model: SF E905

Resistance Levels: Up to 8

Resistance Type:  Manual-Magnetic resistance (knob within arm’s reach)

Incline: Not Available 

Dimensions: 28″ Length × 17″ Width × 57″ Height (in inches)

Weight Handling: Up to 220 lbs.

Assembled Product Weight: 60 lbs.

Frame Warranty: 3 year


Larger Footplates: In a compact size elliptical, it is quite difficult to integrate lengthy stride. To balance out the lacking of lengthy stride, this elliptical integrates larger footplates. The larger footplates give off the vibe of natural striding. Larger footplates help to mitigate the chances of causing friction while the machine operates.  

Two Sets of Handlebars: It is configured with one set of static and one of moving handlebars. This feature makes it easier for the exercisers to maintain their balance with their preferable handlebar. While working out, not everyone can balance themselves with the moving handle. The static one helps in such context. And using the moving handle tones down arm muscles.

Anti-Slip Foot Pedals: This feature takes care of users’ safety. The anti-slip foot pedals will prevent the exercisers from slipping down accidentally. Especially, during a high-intensity workout on a higher resistance. 


• Quiet Performance 

• Can be assembled in 1 hour

• Stabilized 

• Easily transportable with integrated wheels

• Pulse sensor monitors Pulse rate


•Shorter stride

• Reversible stride not available 

Check Price on Amazon

4. ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro

This compact elliptical is considered to be the best by those who are quite dedicated to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. But not all compact machines can provide HIIT guidance. However, ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro is ahead of others in terms of providing HIIT workout sessions.

Its intense elliptical pathway, 26 resistance levels, and iFit program work as your gym instructor to help you meet your HIIT goals. Because all of these features increase your heart rate which is a plus for meeting HIIT goals. 

Even though this machine is quite heavier, it is still compact in its size. So, if you want a HIIT trainer in a compact size machine, then you should keep its name in mind.


Model: ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro

Resistance Levels: Up to 26

Resistance Type:  ECB (electromagnetic current brake) resistance system

Incline: Not Available 

Dimensions: 66″ Length × 29″ Width × 52″ Height (in inches)

Weight Handling: Up to 350 lbs.

Assembled Product Weight: 225 lbs.

Frame Warranty: 5 years


iFit Program: This provides fitness advice according to your needs. This program includes different types of HIIT, destination, and global video workouts. This program enables the machine to adjust according to different workout sessions. This program is a plus for those who want a chalked-out workout pattern.

Silent Magnetic Resistance: This prevents the machine from making noises while it functions. This creates a quieter ambiance for you to only focus on your fitness goals and motivation. 

Intense Climbing Path: This is one of the significant features that make this machine apt to be labeled as “HIIT trainer.” The climbing or elliptical path is designed in a way to allow your feet to travel up to 10 inches of vertical elliptical path. And this increases the intensity of your workout. With such propelled intensity you meet your HIIT workout goals faster. 


• Built-in 34 workout apps

• 10-inch touchscreen display (full color)

• A heavier flywheel prevents friction

• IPod and Smartphone ports are available 

• Multigrip handlebars

• Transport wheels

• 2-speed built-in cooling fan 

• 10 years warranty

• Affordable 

• A wider range of resistance levels for different users

• Cushioned Pedals

• Provides Full body workout



• Assembling it is time-consuming and energy-draining

Check Price on Amazon

5. Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 411 would be your ideal preference if you want to have full-body workout sessions and a monotony-free workout pattern.

While you work out with it in a narrow space, Its Explore the World Map app would make you feel you are hiking a mountain or you are walking in nature. On the elliptical display, you would get to see the scenic views. If you are a nature-oriented soul, this machine would not let you down while working out. 


Model: Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

Resistance Levels: Up to 16

Resistance Type:  ECB (electromagnetic current brake) resistance system

Incline: Not Available 

Dimensions: 70.1’’ Length × 28.1″ Width × 63.1″ Height (in inches)

Weight Handling: Up to 300 lbs.

Assembled Product Weight: 101 lbs.

Frame Warranty: 10 years


Relatively Longer Stride: At a compact size, very few ellipticals provide lengthy strides. But this compact elliptical is integrated with 18 inches lengthy stride. This feature makes it a good fit for almost all exercisers of all height.

Full Body Workout: The framework of the machine provides a full-body workout. It has a moderate range of resistance levels to work your lower body while pushing and pulling through the strides. And its moving and static handlebars are designed in a way to tone down your upper body. 


• Suitable for users with various height

•It comes with water and device holders

• It a heart rate sensor

• Lengthy and comfortable stride

• Multiple grip handlebars 

• It has a built-in Explore the World Map to break the workout monotony 

• Durable 


• Resistance setting sometimes glitches a bit

Check Price on Amazon

My Top Pick

It is quite overwhelming to choose the best one among the plethora of options. However, after thoughtful consideration, I would like to label the Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine as the best one among these 5 options. Because of its moderate heavyweight, moderate amount of resistance levels, and lengthy strides it is my top pick.

Almost most of the compact-sized ellipticals do not bother to integrate lengthy strides. Because of the probability that the long strides would make the elliptical larger in size. 

But Schwinn 411 is configured with 18 inches long stride so that users of all heights can comfortably use the elliptical. And the moderately long strides do not require a larger framework. Therefore, this machine is compact in size. 

The rich features and smooth performance it provides at such an affordable price and compact size make crown it the “best.” However, my definition of best might not match yours.

What To Consider Before Buying a Compact Elliptical?

Just because you need to buy a compact elliptical does not necessarily mean that you would have to compromise some basic useful features. Here are two of the basic features that you should always seek in a compact elliptical-

Some of the ellipticals are made of a plastic framework in order to make them compact in size. But such ellipticals do not have longer durability. You should consider buying one with a solid framework of steel. Because such a framework lasts longer.

Also, get an elliptical with an ECB resistance system. That system helps to operate elliptical smoothly without friction. Otherwise, friction causes shrink the durability of compact machines.

Compact machines are often kept in limited spaces among other stuff. Also, sometimes you might want to keep it in a garage or your narrow storeroom. Therefore, stabilizers are a must to prevent your machine from slipping down 

Stabilizers will hold your machine in its place even on an uneven surface. Stabilizers will prevent your elliptical from getting disintegrated. And it saves your servicing cost. 


I hope this buying guide on the 5 best ellipticals for small spaces was able to help you choose your compact elliptical. However, no matter what you choose as your best, never compromise with the durability and stabilizer features in a compact elliptical.

Thank you for reading till the end. I wish you all the best in finding the best compact elliptical for you.

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