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Want a good workout in the comfort of your own home? Don’t want to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on an elliptical trainer? The Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is the machine for you. Priced under $179, this trainer is one of the hottest machines on the market.
Build Quality


  • Can be easily moved from place to place
  • Very easy assembly and clear cut instructions
  • Great price for a solid machine
  • Ideal for people who can’t make it to the gym on a daily basis or don’t want to spend a lot of money
  • Turns off automatically after a certain amount of inactivity
  • Simple to use
  • It fits in small places, like corners


  • Somewhat of a squeaky machine in general; some kind of lubrication is necessary
  • If you step up the pace, the machine starts to rock from side to side
  • Shorter stride than most gym machines
  • Not absolute gym quality, but pretty decent for the price
  • It can be wobbly at times, especially at times of higher speeds
  • Nowhere to put a water bottle or to hook up an MP3 player

Exerpeutic 1000Xl Confidence 2 in 1 Sunny Health Magnetic
Exerpeutic-1000Xl confidance-2-in-1 sunny-health
Display Exerpeutic-1000Xl-dispaly confidance-2-in-1-display sunny-health-display
Type Rear Drive Front Drive Rear Drive
Stationary Handle Available N/A Available
Drive System Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic
Capacity 325 lb 250 lb 220 lb
Stride 13 inch below 13 inch 13 inch
Heart Rate monitor Touch Sensor N/A Touch Sensor
Dimension 54L x 23W x 63H 34 x 24 x 60 inches 54 x 24 x 60 inches
Weight 76lbs 54 lbs 64 lbs
Warranty 3 year limited Depends based on seller Depends based on seller
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The best feature of this elliptical is its price. A Magnetic elliptical at this price is a win! It has adjustable resistance, data screen, heart rate monitor, pedals, and many more.

The best feature of this elliptical is its price. A Magnetic elliptical at this price is a win!  It has adjustable resistance, data screen, heart rate monitor, pedals, and many more.

The two handlebars and two pedals allow for a full body workout. The pedals are equipped with a non-slip grip that keeps you from slipping while using the machine. The handlebars are padded with thick foam to increase the comfort level.

The LCD screen provides all the information you need, like the number of calories burned and how far you’ve gone. With a smooth magnetic resistance, the machine runs naturally and without a hitch.


  • LCD screen that shows how far you have gone, how many calories you have burned, your current speed, and the elapsed time
  • Non-slip grip pads on the pedals that keep you in place while exercising
  • A weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • Moving handlebars and pedals that give you a full body workout
  • A total weight of 61 pounds
  • Sturdy structure that aims at reducing the stress on joints

If you’re looking for a great in-home machine that will get your heart rate up, this is the perfect machine for you. Priced under $170, the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer won’t burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, it will probably save you the money you would’ve spent on a gym membership.

This machine is especially helpful for people who can’t find the time to go to the gym. Its relatively light weight allows it to be moved from room to room, and its sturdy yet compact frame lets it fit anywhere in the house. Instead of taking up an entire room, it can fit snugly into a corner and not distract from everything else. The frame is relatively sturdy, proving to be a well-built machine.

Customers have previously expressed their delight over the machine, saying it, “moves around the house easily, for there are small wheels on the front” and “it can do just as much as the thousand dollar ones and you don’t need a gym membership!”.

Others have been thoroughly impressed by the machine and have complimented its endurance. Aside from some minor squeaking, the machine is virtually noiseless and proves to be a solid investment for those living in apartments or houses where sound carries.

While some customers have praised it, others have brought it down, saying that it squeaks a little too much. This can be fixed by tightening the appropriate nuts and bolts, and by also applying a little lubrication to certain areas of the machine.

Overall, the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is certainly a machine worth having. For the price, it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

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